Fringe now only available in French!

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This is absolutely, completely un-fucking-believable. As in, if you'd 
told me this was going to happen I would have asked you to pull the 
other one; it is only having witnessed it with my own eyes that I am 
even making such an absurd-sounding claim.

But it looks like Fringe is now only available in French, at least in 

I went to set up tonight's recording schedule and found Nikita where it 
belongs, but both CSI and Fringe absent from their normal 
stations/timeslots. So I fired up the satellite receiver's program 
search function and...

couldn't find tonight's CSI anywhere, just tomorrow's CSI:NY and a 
years-old CSI rerun on some other channel. (It doesn't look more than 
about 60 hours ahead so Sunday's CSI:Miami is still over its horizon.)

move simplifies things, I thought, since that means it doesn't happen at 
the same time as both CSI AND Nikita forcing me to torrent Nikita while 
recording CSI and watching Fringe live every Thursday night.

So I decide to simply view Fringe and Nikita live tonight and complain 
here later about the missing CSI, and ...

the damn thing is in French! Apparently, Fringe has moved from the 
English-language A network to a French-language network, rather than it 
being some obscure set of A network affiliates that it's on.

There are three other VXXX channels with Fringe on at 8. I flipped 
through them. All have Fringe in French.

It seems that Fringe is no longer available in English in Canada.

I don't know what staggering magnitude of stupidity it takes for the 
guys in charge at the networks to do something like this -- it probably 
is off the stupidity charts and a serious contender for a Guinness world 
stupidity record -- but they've basically just given a big middle finger 
to fully 3/4 of Fringe's live-viewing, ad-watching audience in Canada.

So there you have it.

Now I'm off to the torrent sites. I'm hoping the American networks 
haven't been quite as idiotic. If I go to an American torrent site and 
they only have this week's episode in Spanish I'll fucking scream.

And if not ... I guess from now on I'll be watching Nikita live, 
torrenting Fringe, and wondering what the fuck happened to CSI. I would 
have thought they'd let a decade-old show round out its final season and 
wrap up loose story-arc ends (such as, say, Squeegle, or those 
crime-scene bombers from the season opener) rather than just abruptly 
cut it off (and in the middle of a sweeps month, at that), but stranger 
things have happened, and I can't think of any *other* explanation for 
its vanishing without a trace like that. There certainly isn't anything 
on CTV at nine that could plausibly have preempted it -- no sports or 
political nonsense or what-have-you. It just seems to have been replaced 
by some other ordinary show, which smells to me much more like a 
cancellation than a preemption.

It's Thanksgiving in the US. They are not broadcasting new episodes 
tonight so Canadian channels have nothing to broadcast.

And I KNOW that the channel up here has been advertising Fringe A LOT 

Christ, Seamus. Grow up.

<plonk. AGAIN>

No, there haven't been any posts in this newsgroup (until mine) saying 
that English-language Fringe broadcasts are no longer available in Canada.

There are threads here claiming that Tuesday was Thanksgiving in the US 
and that Wednesday was Thanksgiving in the US. Now here you are claiming 
that today is. Which is it?

Then explain why they are broadcasting it? (Albeit only in French!)
Here in the states, we get goose pimples all week long just thinking about  
Australian actress Anna Torv delivering her lines in French and  
whispering, "Wee wee"
It's always been on a Thursday. Any other days mentioned were just for 
grins and giggles.