Futon Critic does "Heroes" at Comic-Con

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It doesn't sound like he's got a buyer yet.  I'm still mourning the loss of 
Mutant 'X,' which I would have watched a lot more if they hadn't buried it 
in the wasteland of weekend tv.  Everything was right about that show, and 
the time for live action super-heroes has clearly arrived.  I hope a 
network buys "Heroes."
Ian Ball LOVED Mutant X.  It was the David Caruso of syndicated 
Um, it's on NBC this fall - Mondays at 9 Eastern. Per everything the
writers and producers have said, this is going to be more "Unbreakable"
than "X-Men".

Nope, it's more X-Men minus the spandex or The 4400 plus three times
the rehearsal time than it is Unbreakable.  For one, Heroes, unlike
Unbreakable, has a sense of pacing and again, unlike Unbreakable,
Heroes doesn't take itself too seriously.

  -- Rob
What the fig is "The 4400"?  All of a sudden, I'm seeing a lot of 
erferences to it.
A comic book is a comic book, and that's all I want.  Did you notice the 
derivative moment in "Unbreakable," where the newspaper drawing of the 
poncho-clad hero looked just like a character from a Steve Gerber story 
in "Haunt of Horror"?