Gary Coleman (40) has not yet made love to his White wife (22) despite 6 months

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Gary Coleman Says He and Wife Have Not Yet Made Love
Monday, February 18, 2008

 LOS ANGELES --  Gary Coleman has not yet had sex with his wife, even
though the two married in August, he told "The Insider."

"It will happen when it happens," he said.

And in an interview with "Inside Edition," the couple said they fight
so much that "yes," bride Shannon Price has feared for her safety.

But by now, she said, "I'm used to it."

The police were even called during one domestic dispute and cited

The former "Diff'rent Strokes" star married 22-year-old Price in
August on a mountaintop in Nevada, but they have been keeping their
vows under wraps, the pair told "Inside Edition" last week.

"Nobody was around but the minister, preacher, the videographers, the
photographer, the helicopter pilot and us," Coleman, 40, said on
Tuesday's broadcast of the program.

Coleman met Price on the set of the 2006 comedy "Church Ball." Price
said it was she who proposed to Coleman, but that he surprised her on
her birthday by whisking her to a mountaintop in the Valley of Fire
State Park to exchange vows.

She said they kept their wedding secret because she wanted to keep
being seen as her own person.

"I just want my own identity as well because I don't want to be known
as Gary Coleman's wife," she said.

Coleman played down their age differences, saying "I don't have issues
with age, I have issues with intelligence ... She's more intelligent
than I am and that's what matters to me."

Price, who is 5-foot-7, and Coleman, who is 4-foot-8, also played down
their height gap.

"That doesn't really matter to me," she said. "He was 10 feet tall to
me because he was sweet and I really liked his personality."

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does gary's wife's color add to the general scandal surrounding this
 i. m. axing u.
My thoughts exactly!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
These are the wonderful people of America the world loves!!!
And me, I like to see them on display!
Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Just that Internet Explorer auto-fills when you type a similiar
subject line (typing G-A-R.....) and I posted a story a few days
saying how he married a normal sized almost 20 years younger White
excuses, excuses.
 what exactly do you stand for?