Grey's Anatomy 10/16 episode: spoiler and a question

TV Arts

Did anyone else other than me see it coming that Ellis most likely had 
had an affair with the chief of the hospital? (Or at least wanted to?)

And was that a Sia song that played during the surgery on the CF 
patient? It sounded a lot like Breathe Me (I know it wasn't) in both 
vocals and melody.
most likely had
wanted to?)

Sure, I thought it was obvious from the minute he said she
was a old and good friend. The definite tip off though was
when she implied she had had trouble with her

the CF
wasn't) in both

Hmm...gee, I didn't notice. I do like Sia's Breathe Me a lot
too--will hafta try to catch the rerun if there is one on
the weekend.