Gunsmoke coming out with noves good idea?

TV Arts

I was at Walmarts today and a new book is out by Joseph West (?) which
is a novel about Gunsmoke - a media-tie novel. I gather it will most
likely sell to western fans who like Gunsmoke - a niche withen a niche.
I am kind of amazed that a show that has not had a new episode since the
70s would now have a media-tiein novel. Long, long time difference to
start a novel series. Star Trek and Dr Who have always had tie-in

Most media tie-in novels are not usually that good. More Star Trek novel
dogs then good ones. A few good Buffy the Vampire novels especially by
Christopher Golden and Mel Odom.  

I don't know West's history with novels. I do question the wisdom of
starting to publish books based on a series that has not had a new
episode in 30 odd years. 
Unless the reruns on Encore Western and TV Land are run away in ratings.

Then again, Episodes of Gunsmoke aired on the Westerns Channel are a
frequent topic of discussion in the employee breakroom at my store,
where "Gunsmoke" is also being marketed. In fact I already bought one
for my Dad, who reads westerns all the time.  He's 81 and hard to buy