Haley Mills -- from 'The Parent Trap' & season 1 of 'Saved By The Bell' -- 'Mem

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The Girl from the First "Parent Trap": 'Memba Her?!

Before Lindsay Lohan starred in the '98 remake, Hayley Mills played
the identical twins in the 1961 original film "The Parent Trap." Guess
what she looks like now!

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The 62-year-old resurfaced at a London theater event, looking doubly

In 1961, Hayley received a Juvenile Oscar for her work in the film

The late Sir Laurence Olivier was Hayley's godfather and kooky
"Passions" star Juliet Mills is her sister.

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Free love '60s -- then:

'08 oh, no! -- now:
She was touring a while back in THE KING AND I. I doubt that Lohan has
the talent to sustain a long career.