Hawaii 5-0 27/9/10

TV Arts

<minor spoilers>

Still holding my interest but it gets a bit cliche with the Lone Ranger 
and Tonto riding in to save the day. Seriously, writers, these 
characters work so well, don't waste them with weak plots.

One positive for the menfolk: bitch fight.

In a pool!

Seriously, yeah, a step down from last week.  Still dislike McGarrett,
don't think that's gonna change.

RWG (too bad, 'cause I like the other three just fine)
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I dislike McGarrett more than ever.  The boss is the crazy loose cannon?
Well, it IS kinda novel :-)

What I do find a bit refreshing in it is that Danno does seem to get
just as much (if not more) screen time than the "star."  So far,
anyway.  He certainly gets better material to work with.

RWG (an I'm certainly not going to complain about that :-)
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He's a wildly better and more entertaining actor/character.  I 
anticipate a classic 'second banana shows up star' conflict, like we had 
a run of in the 60s and 70s.
Hmm, not exactly getting this reference, but that may just be 'cause
you'er way older than even me :-)

But it's not a phenom that's unique to decade's past.  Being the LOST
fanboy I am, Locke, Sawyer (and even Ben) were MUCH more interesting
than either Jack or Kate.

RWG (as were half the rest of the cast :-)
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The Man From U.N.C.L.E., David McCallum became wildy popular, among 
reports that Robert Vaughn was mad as Hell.  Same thing with Star Trek, 
Nimoy, and The Shat.  This was a popular theme in the media of the time, 
even when there was apparently no basis for it.

Well, the whole thing was Jack's dying dream, so he wanted to keep 
himself awake.  :D
I'm enjoying the show and think Scott Caan will emerge as the true