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Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally seems to have been quite the 
success, drawing a crowd in the hundreds of thousands by most 
reckonings. "In other Washington rally news," observes humorist Jim 
Treacher of The Daily Caller, "Al Sharpton has gone from the Million Man 
March to the Dozen Dude Dud."

It was billed as an apolitical event, yet it was a political event, a 
puzzle for the New York Times's Ross Douthat:

	The most striking thing about "Restoring Honor" was the 
	way the pageant effortlessly tapped into the same rich 
	vein of identity politics that has given us figures as 
	diverse as Palin and Howard Dean, George W. Bush and Barack 
	Obama--but did so, somehow, without advancing any explicitly 
	political agenda. . . .

	In a sense, Beck's "Restoring Honor" was like an Obama rally 
	through the looking glass. It was a long festival of 
	affirmation for middle-class white Christians--square, earnest, 
	patriotic and religious. If a speaker had suddenly burst out 
	with an Obama-esque "we are the ones we've been waiting for," 
	the message would have fit right in.

	But whereas Obama wouldn't have been Obama if he weren't 
	running for president, Beck's packed, three-hour jamboree 
	was floated entirely on patriotism and piety, with no "get 
	thee to a voting booth" message.

Watching news coverage of Saturday's uplifting, pietistic speeches 
reminded us, too, of the prepresidential Obama--not the Obama of 2008 
and the bizarre personality cult, but the Obama of 2004, who in his 
Democratic National Convention speech urged listeners to rise above 
identity politics.

Douthat makes one serious error. True, the Beck rally was about 
"identity politics." But the identity being celebrated was not that of 
"middle-class white Christians," even if many of the attendees can be 
stuffed into that pigeonhole, but of _Americans_. The message resonated, 
and had political content, because, as we argued Friday, the country is 
currently governed by an oikophobic self-anointed elite that is unable 
to hide its contempt for Americans qua Americans.

That was clear in much of the news coverage. NewsBusters.org catches ABC 
News's Christiane Amanpour trying to explain it all:

	it was about--as speaker after speaker kept saying--restoring 
	patriotism and proud-to-be-an-American. I point that out 
	because I think that is what gets such a big cheer from 
	people. And perhaps when we try to figure out why there's 
	such a huge number of people coming to these rallies, in 
	a period of time when people feel such anxiety, such anger, 
	such sort of worry about what's going on around them--the 
	economy and the rest--they come here and they hear a feel-good 
	message, and that they respond to.

As NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein observes, "Sounds like Amanpour sees 
religion and patriotism as . . . the opiate of the masses." Yep, Marxism 

If there was a media conspiracy to discredit the rally--and we don't 
think there was, but after Journolist, who can be sure?--the chief 
tactic was to cast patriotism as racialism, if not racism. 
"Overwhelmingly white" was the buzz word of the day--as if that is 
anything unusual in a nation whose population is 79.6% white.

Our favorite example of the media's attempts to play the race card, 
though, came from the "CBS Evening News" and again was caught by 

	Nancy Cordes: Beck, who is a converted Mormon, likes to 
	call himself a clown, but today he played the role of 
	ring-master, preaching racial tolerance to the nearly 
	all-white crowd. A change in tone from the Fox News host 
	who notoriously called President Obama--

	Beck: --a racist.

This is followed by footage of Cordes at the rally, where she finds two 
black women and informs them: "I'm noticing that there aren't a lot of 
minorities here today." (And at these prices . . .)

Cordes's characterization of Beck's statement is astonishing. Beck has 
said he shouldn't have called the president a racist, and we agree. 
Making baseless charges of racism against political opponents is a low 
tactic. But liberals do it all the time, and we are supposed to believe 
that proves how tolerant they are. Now we learn that conservative's 
doing exactly the same thing is evidence of his intolerance.

Steve Benen of The Washington Monthly, a liberal-left magazine, 
proclaims himself "confused" by the rally: "I still haven't the foggiest 
idea what these folks actually want." Is he really this clueless, or is 
this just a pose? He considers various possibilities and then shoots 
them down, beginning with this:

	_This is about "freedom."_ 

	Well, I'm certainly pro-freedom, and as far as I can tell, 
	the anti-freedom crowd struggles to win votes on Election 
	Day. But can they be a little more specific? How about the 
	freedom for same-sex couples to get married? No, we're told, 
	not _that_ kind of freedom.

It's all in this vein. They can't be for American liberties, because 
they are offended by the Ground Zero mosque. They can't be for 
opportunity, because they oppose ObamaCare. They can't be for "the 
values of the Founding Fathers," because they lack a "steadfast 
commitment to the separation of church and state." They can't be for 
sacrifice, because they oppose the Bush tax increase. They can't be for 
truth, because they do not accept doctrinal liberal positions on global 
warming, ObamaCare, Social Security and judicial philosophy.

"The folks who gathered in D.C. today were awfully excited about 
something," Benen concludes. "The fact that it's not altogether obvious 
what that might be probably isn't a good sign." 

Not a good sign for Benen, we'd say, because it shows him to be so 
doctrinaire and intellectually lazy that he cannot even conceive of a 
reasoned point of view that differs from his own, whether over a 
longstanding philosophical question like the role of the judiciary or a 
transitory controversy like the Ground Zero mosque.

Increasingly, it seems that "Heads I win, tails you lose" is the creed 
of the contemporary liberal.
This total bullshit.

America's honor was restored with the departure of bush,jr/ Cheney/ Rice oil 
company administration.

The implication of restoring Beck's America's "honor" is replacing our 
president with a white man.


Beck and his sponsor's are, simply stated, cowardly racists who wont face 
the truth.