History Channel plans scripted Kennedys miniseries (or "Mary Jo Kopechne Sleeps

TV Arts

"The History Channel is planning its first scripted series and will base it on 
the Kennedys," the Associated Press reports:

	The cable network says the eight-hour series is called "The 
	Kennedys" and will be told in a multigenerational manner akin 
	to "The Godfather."

Something tells us the resemblance won't end there.
When you start on scripted fare telling the story of a historic figure
or event, it ceasing being "history".

Like that would-be CBS miniseries on the Reagans that got a lot of
flack for some dramatization of some events (meaning scripted
guesses), it went to sister paytv network Showtime.

ABC got a *lot* of flack on scripted elements of 9/11 miniseries.

This is more of the same. I could write a pretty good series about
Mark Twain running a gay whorehouse on the banks of Mississippi River
and often cavorted around in a frilly satin wide hoop skirt ball
gown... didnt mean it ever happened.

Same thing.
From: [email protected] (Taylor) CBS miniseries on the
Reagans got a lot of flack and went to sister paytv network Showtime.
It would be like doing the Bush II story with out pointing out that he
killed over 5,000 Americans.
From: [email protected] (Kevin¬†Cunningham) like doing the Bush II
story with out pointing out that he
I'd heard they wanted to shoot it on location but they were denied
access to the Kennedy wing in the Seventh Circle of Hell.
From: [email protected] (pyjamarama) wing in the Seventh Circle of
When is the 'John F Kennedy Jr Blown Out Of The Sky By Neocons'
scheduled for?
Whenever a typical leftwing Hollywood whore writer with a love for
rewriting history makes it up out of nothing. Maybe Gore Vidal still
has enough imagination left to pen it and pass it off as accurate.
From: [email protected] (Killing,¬†Inc.) Gore Vidal
Not much imagination is necessary.. the story is fantastic as it

How many other small US commuter aitcraft do you know of.. that blow
up upon approach to airports?
Is that what you think happened?
"A reporter for The Vineyard Gazette who was on the island, was quoted
as having seen the plane come down to land, and to have seen a flash
on the plane. Next thing the plane went out of control and crashed
into the sea below. He was quoted on the internet saying this.

Having been a reporter, and having seen many other events go down (I
get put in these situations, to witness, etc.) I decided to call the
reporter in question. Somehow, I quickly reached him.

He repeated the story.

Next, the article disappeared from the internet, and no more report
was made on the news which included any of the information from the
eye-witness reporter.

Next, I noticed this disappearance of the article, and called the
reporter back.

All of a sudden he no longer existed.

I couldn't find him no matter what I did, despite my having spoken to
him hours before. "

From:   The Murder Of JFK Jr - Ten Years Later By Barry Chamish
BarryChamish.com  10-5-9
That's some great stuff.  An unidentifiable and unfindable "witness" is 
alleged to have reported seeing a "flash" on a small plane miles away in 
poor visibility, with the conclusion that it "came down to land" but then 
the wreckage was sinisterly relocated miles off the shore.

You're an idiot.
Exactly.  The left STILL can't admit Kennedy was whacked by one of
their own.  A self-admitted communist, Soviet emigre who was pissed
with his native country's policy toward his hero Castro...

Christ, that almost describes Oliver Stone to a fucking T.