House M.D.: Remember when it was entertaining?

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USA is repeating "House M.D." season 4. I'm rewatching "Alone". Dr. Buffer.
Mysterious kidnapping of House's guitar to force him to interview fellowship
candidates after getting rid of his team at the end of Season 3. "Don't
erase the season finale of my telenovela!"
It hasn't stopped.

It stopped a long while back for me. Right around the time he fired his 
first team.
If he hadn't fired them, it would have gotten repetitive. The show is 
fresh, takes chances and isn't afraid to piss off a few people.

It's one of the few series that has remained fresh from day one.

Much of the third season was pretty awful, till the finale when they all
quit and/or were fired. But the first half of the fourth season
was redemptive. Choosing the new team was hysterical, till he kicked
Amber off the team and kept 13, then it went downhill again.

Remember "Three Stories" in the first season, with the producers seemingly
trying out a new team? I thought the show would have worked a lot better
with turnover in the team, or outright replacement each week.
I don't totally disagree with this, actually. 

Maybe. But they would have needed to do that every season. And they 
certainly would have needed to do better in replacing Chase, Cameron and 
Foreman than the cyphers they replaced them with!
Hahahaha! Yes, I meant have ongoing turnover in the team, or introduce a
new team each season, not each week.

I liked Taub, actually.
It was the same for me.  He just became too insufferable, before he got 
his vacation at the mental hospital.  Still on the fence about this year.