House Season Finale

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Was the ending for real?
If it was, it was a great episode until then.  I hated the ending.
Did anyone think ------ would stick with a frigging ------?  Sorry,
not in the same social strata.
It was great, all my hopes and dreams came true!!
Agreed. A depressing episode until the last 30 seconds.
I think the ending was disappointing because it took an enormous leap
of faith to believe that something that good could take place so
suddenly after such a heavy story replete with gloom and despair.

Which is why I'm thinking that the ending was after some pill popping
and hallucination on House's part.

Well, we will have to wait four months to find out.
I just have problems figuring out why Cuddy would love House.  This is the
same guy who acts like a total asshole to every one he meets.
She's had a thing for him since med school. It could be a psychout, i.e., 
another drug fueled episode like the end of last season. But if it is, they 
risk pissing off viewers who don't like being tricked over and over. For me 
this was by far the worst season of House. I did not enjoy it like other 
seasons. There was a reduced focus on the medicine to allow glorifying 
storylines as Taub's infidelity, among others, to come forth.
FWIW, I thought the 2008-2009 season was worse...the writing was bad
for many of the scripts.
I agree they shouldn't go there again, if it's not real.

I'm with you, I don't think I watched but one full episode, other than 
the finale this season.   That Taub business drove me off.   I prefer 
the medical mysteries/diagnoses and the team challenges... preferably 
the "old" team.   :(
I didn't mind the "Survivor" selection of new members. However, as I said, I 
thought they made major mistakes in their casting decisions. Taub, I think, 
is one of the least interesting characters (and actors) EVER on the show. 
Trying to add some sort of layers with his infidelities doesn't help. Not in 
the slightest.

Amber should have been added to the team. If not, they should have given her 
another job at the hospital and kept her as Wilson's girlfriend for frequent 
guest appearances.

Yes, the entire season was about relationships, not medicine.
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Yeah, we'll find out for sure in September (October?), but I'm sure
it was real this time.

Except it didn't ring true at all.
It did for me. And I haven't been a big Huddy fan. I never believed 
Cuddy with Lucas (maybe because I never liked the Lucas character). It 
makes perfect sense to me that Cuddy was involved with Lucas to avoid 
her real feelings.