Hulu to stream "Misfits, " "Thick of It" day-and-date with UK, wants more "Battl

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UPDATED: Hulu at the TCA press tour: Misfits and Thick Of It's fourth
series arrive day and date with U.K.
By Todd VanDerWerff 

Hulu held a brief panel at the Television Critics Association summer
press tour today, mostly to introduce its summer lineup (the upcoming
Up To Speed and Larry King Now, as well as the currently airing Rev.,
The Thick Of It, and Prisoners Of War) to a roomful of writers mostly
used to watching television on their TVs, but it made a couple of
interesting announcements, at least in terms of scheduling. The
streaming site will air the upcoming fourth series of both Misfits and
The Thick Of It, but rather than having a delay between the series'
airdates in the United Kingdom and the United States, both will be
available in the U.S. on the same day they're available in the U.K. It
is very transparently an anti-piracy strategy, but since both series
are offered for free on Hulu (with ads), it is one that will probably
work. Misfits has apparently been a success for the site, but piracy
likely ate into those numbers (since the whole thing had been
available in the U.K. for over a year before the first series debuted
here). BBC America has pursued a similar strategy with Doctor Who, to
encouraging results. Hulu did not announce the dates both of these
series will debut just yet, but it did mention the fall.

Update: In a post-session interview with me, Hulu's Andy Forssell, the
company's SVP of development, said that he intends to produce another
season of Battleground, but no deal yet exists for another season.
However, he expects there to be another season, and since the show was
often a top-25 show for the site, it would make sense for such a thing
to happen.
Dear David,

This is the second or third MISFITS announcement that you have posted here 
and none of them have included an actual 'air' date for HULU.  Until they 
actually announce an 'air' date, there is no announcement to be made.

BATTLEGROUND was a decent political series (set in Wisconsin).  I'd 
definitely choose it over POLITICAL ANIMALS.
So you're not paying attention? Just wait until it premieres in
Britain and then keep refreshing Hulu's page.
You do realize that 'it will air here when it airs there' is not an actual 
air date, right?
Maybe you should start refreshing Hulu's page *now.*