I Understood Kristen Chenowith!

TV Arts

I've stopped watching "Pushing Daises" but last night, after the TV
schedule was messed up by the "debate", my wife had it on for a while.
(I'm writing from the West Coast.)  There was Kristen Chenowith as
Olive, dressed in a nun suit, speaking slowly and unexcitedly.  I could
understand every word she said!

     I thought I'd never see the day!  When she talks fast, a la Aaron
Sorkin's speed-speak, she is unintelligible to me.  When she gets
excited, which seems to be often, she does a very good imitation of one
of The Chipmunks.  I know she has a good reputation as an actor,
particularly in musicals.  It was a pleasure to be able to see some of
that talent unobscured.

I'll agree to this extent: in the bees episode, I still have no idea
what she was saying when she was twirling the rosary beads above her

But otherwise, Kristin Chenoweth is a pint-sized hoot-and-half. She
has an energy that will not contained and even her gestures are funny.