I don't blame the trolls

TV Arts

The trolls are doing what the trolls are going to do. I blame the
regulars who either lack the maturity and self-control to stroll past
the troll posts or who enjoy rolling around in excrement and
triumphing in arguments with the simpleminded.

If the above applies to you (and go ahead, take a minute to
self-reflect and think about whether it does), and you like
rec.arts.tv, then realize that the garbage you aid in spreading is
choking the group and has all but killed the enjoyment people could
get from browsing here.

If you don't like rec.arts.tv, simply follow one of the crossposts
back to where they originate. Don't be afraid of unfamiliar places,
those groups will welcome you with open arms and meet all your needs.

And now the excuses:

"It's August and there's nothing else to talk about"
If you're bored go clean your room. Or, if by some chance this
reasoning is being used by an adult, show some respect for others and
stop having "fun" at their expense.

"I saw this topic on TV so it's about TV"
You're much, much worse than a troll because at least trolls are
honest about what they're doing and don't believe everyone else is an

I'm reevaluating whether I should bother to keep coming here, and,
though no one should care about me personally, if I'm thinking it then
so are many other people. Let's face it, this group has passed its
tipping point and at this rate the new TV season isn't going to save
it. So before replying to a troll think about what you're doing.
I blame the people who are obsessed with labeling others "trolls" and
expanding their "killfiles."