I miss SyFy Friday

TV Arts

Every Friday I'd look forward to 8pm, so I could see 2-3 hours of new
sci-fi or fantasy shows like Sliders, Lexx, Farscape, Stargate,
Galactica, et cetera.

And now that no longer exists.
Friday TV is uninteresting.
Here's another piece of "interesting" Doctor Who related news. 

There are three British TV-movies that update Sherlock Holmes to the
modern day (i.e. he uses nicotine patches instead of smoking a pipe,
Watson uses a blog rather than a diary, etc.). 

The main actor turned down the role of Doctor Who to play Sherlock, and
the current Doctor Who actor (Matt Smith) was unsuccessful at getting the
role of Doctor Watson. Plus, the Sherlock TV-movies arecreated / written
by a couple of the Doctor Who writers. 

So who knows, Sherlock Holmes may well turn out to be Doctor Who "in
disguise" ... although I must say his companion is certianly a rather ugly
looking woman (Watson is played by Martin Freeman, currently filming The
Hobbit).  ;-)