I saw the Real Housewives sneak preview today

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I just saw the sneak preview and cannot believe how inadvertently, 
screamingly funny this season is going to be!

But first, props to poor Kimberly for having to move to flyover country 
in disgrace after her husband's arrest for assault last summer but still 
being able to spin it that the move was for health reasons, since people 
obviously don't get skin cancer in Chicago.

Secondly, the new housewife (Tammy?) gets the "Poor Lil Ole Me" award 
for not only having to move out of her obscenely large marital home 
after getting a divorce, not only for having her next Barbie Dream 
Castle flooded (was that during The Great Coto Flood of '05?), not only 
for having to suffer the indignity of driving a lesser car than her 
teenaged daughter, not only for being part of three generations of women 
who'v abused hair products, but for spawning a foul-mouthed, 
overplucked, tattooed, platinum-hued porn-star wannabe and thinking that 
she's merely a "free-thinker." Such delusions usually get you a lifetime 
prescription for lithium.

Thirdly, Jo as recording artist. Jo thinking she's incredibly hot to be 
a brunette and invited to the Playboy Mansion (how much you wanna bet 
she was wearing her French maid's outfit at the time and she went in the 
service entrance?). I do, however, think Jo's future does lie in 
commercial work. Her forehead's so big she could rent it out for 
billboard space.

For being such an avid cyclist, I would have thought Slade would know to 
wear a helmet when cycling. But having suffered a few spills and getting 
knocked on the head would explain A LOT. Slade also looks to have packed 
on a pound. Or thirty.

Nice to see that Vicki continues to win friends and influence people. 
Having lived in that area before, I know I've heard something about that 
Duff guy. I'm going to have to check around and see what the story is on 

Jeanna, Jeanna, Jeanna. Why can't all of your children be "golden"? Why 
do you let your daughter call you a dirty whore? And why does Shane 
aspire to be K-Fed?

And, finally, our Mother-of-the-Year Lauri. Wow, what a catch you made! 
And what natural-looking hair he has! And I'll bet all those high-priced 
call girl outfits he buys you in St. Tropez (the only place in the 
world, by the way, where you look subtle) make you totally forget that 
you have young kids at home that need you! What a lucky thing for you! 
And yes, you are just like the Brady Bunch! All you need now is a shag, 
a nice split-level and a wacky housekeeper and the transformation will 
be complete!

Let the good times roll!
Did you catch this week's ep? 

"Can you speak Canadian?".
Did you see the look on poor Miss Canada's face while she was there?
Awk. Ward!