If you had to create your own TV show, what concept would you go with?

TV Arts

If you had to could create your own scripted or non-scripted TV show
what (serious or humorous) concept would it have and what would you
name the show.
My concept would be a variation on Pleasantville (1998). In that film
a brother and sister from the 1990s are sucked into their television
set and suddenly find themselves trapped in a 1950s style television
show. In contrast in this television show concept, the brother and
sister become part of a vintage television episodes such as Gilligan’s
Island, My Mother the Car, Bonanza, My Favorite Martian, Star Trek,
The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Outer Limits, I Spy,
The Adams Family, The Munsters, Get Smart, and Mission Impossible.
They literally become the guest star for each episode with a little
bit of video magic. Their faces and voices replace those of two guest
stars. The back story is similar to that of Quantum Leap. Some
mysterious force causes the brother and sister to leap to a new
television episode at the end of the current episode. The
possibilities are only limited by the ability to license specific
television episodes.

Dan Dassow
Sounds a little like Stay Tuned.  Actually, I think Stay Tuned would 
have made a great series.
I vaguely remember seeing trailers for "Stay Tuned" now that you
mention it.
Stay Tuned (1992)

From the plot summary, "Stay Tuned" sounds a little grim. The premise
would probably need to adapt a more hopeful tone to succeed.

Although I would prefer to have the characters appear in the actual
episodes, that would probably be impractical and too expensive.

Dan Dassow
It wasn't grim at all.  It was very funny.


There are a lot more tv series and commercials they could have fun with 
over the past 20 years.  The possibilities are endless.

Pleasantville is one of my favorite movies.  But it wouldn't have been 
nearly as good if they had just stuck the characters in an old sitcom 
and not do anything more with the concept.
Not necessarily. One of the Later Treks used "Trouble With Tribbles".
The hardest thing would be the myriad of rights, writers' credits, and
maybe even actor residuals.
Are you saying that they couldn't get the original Tribbles to perform
in the recreated episode?
Yah, unfortunately, that's a huge limitation.  Are we talking creating
new episodes with lookalikes playing the orginals, or actually trying
to shoehorn the new characters into the episodes as they exist.  I can
see a major problem with the latter, in that there woudn't be any room
to give different takes on the stories without dubbing in new dialogue
over established dialogue.  You could possibly skirt around the
licensing thing, if the shows were re-written and re-cast, but with
the situations in each case making it obvious what show was being

RWG (or you could try limiting the shows used by doing multiple
episodes about only the particular show that you do get the license to
Or Stay Tuned.