Internet Archive - A Veritable Goldmine

TV Arts

So I'm doing some searching around and I just stumbled upon this
Internet Archive site.  Apparently, it's a web library of sorts of
film, TV, literature, music and all kinds of other stuff which you can
not only watch and listen to online but download as well.  It seems to
be a lot of public domain material, meaning you can freely download it
without any fear of being prosecuted if that's one of your dreads, but
it also looks like an interesting repository for some pretty familiar,
offbeat and rare finds.  At least it's a more interesting alternative
to watching bad summer TV, in case you already weren't looking forward
to that.
Oh, man.  I've been accessing it for about six years now.  You can 
download all sorts of public domain movies.  I've burned some to DVD, 
designed menus, the whole works, just stuff I was curious about.  You 
can access the Prelinger Collection, which includes all these 
"educational" films, and let me tell you, there are some doozies.  Check 
out the one on being popular.  Or the one on dating.  And "Duck and 
Cover" is there, too.  I downloaded these and put them all on DVDs with 
menus.  Fun stuff.

By the way, there are several companies that sell through Amazon that 
download the movies -- bad copies, all -- and sell them to unsuspecting 
consumers.  I bought "The Stranger" because they claimed it was 
remastered, and it was a copy straight out of Internet Archive.  I know, 
because I compared it.  I returned it and bought the MGM edition of it, 
which looked very good.  There are at least four companies doing that.