Is Annie going to tell her sister?

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Looks like that next week, and after the speech by Augie, Annie is going 
to tell her sister that she is with the CIA.  Jeez, her sister is 
following her, tailing her, going to her job asking for her, etc.
Loved Anne Dudek more in "House" much better.
Dudek got so much attention from her role on House,   It's amazing how she
got relagated to such inconsequential roles as those on Mad Men and now
Covert Affairs.   She deserves a lot better.  I would imagine they are going
to have Annie tell her so she can have more to do on the show.  Otherwise,
what's the point of her being there?
Maybe she can get a brain implant. Apparently Chuck is the model to follow
for all subsequent spy shows, now that we had an episode in which there
was a conspiracy to recruit Annie to the CIA and her friend and mentor
got killed. Next week, he's back as it turns out he's not dead.
I couldn't tell from the preview if she was going to tell her sister or if 
it was going to come out when Annie inadvertently brought her work home with 
her (some sort of attack on the homestead).

Yep...the sister needs something to do now that she is divorced.  Clearly 
she has too much free time.

...and to follow through on that point/idea, I'm hoping that her sister 
doesn't understand the lying and throws Annie out of her home/life.  This 
show would be better without any sister plotlines.
I'm available.   :)
Amber would have been more fun.
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I'm not, unfortunately.

We should soon know the answer to the question in the subject title.
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As long as I get Smith Cho.
The point of the sister and living at the sister's is to show NOCs are 
supposed to live and seem to be ordinary people and not Jane Bond. That 
said, they've fantasized the Annie character from the pilot on. Consider 
this past episode; do you think they would out a covert agent to his widow? 
Why not send an overt employee of the CIA to inform the widow of her hubby's 
activities and not risk the cover of another agent to a mass of people. This 
show would be easy to nitpick like almost all shows, but you just have to 
accept that it's fantasy and enjoy the ride and be entertained. I don't mind 
the sister act as long as the show doesn't become a sisterhood platform.
Ordinary people go out on dates, but ordinary people do not live in their 
sister's garage.  I'm fine with the show keeping her in some sort of 
'personal life', but the sister character is tedious.

Agreed. It made no sense for them to have her talk to the widow (a pakistani 
at that) rather than just swoop in and confiscate everything in the home in 
the name of national security.  Instead, we get the Princess Leia speech 
from the boss:  'help us Annie Walker, you're our only hope'.

Yep...and I had the same complaint an episode or two back when Annie was the 
one doing a prisoner exchange with two different foreign governments 
(Columbia and Iran?) in on it.  Makes no sense at all for them to claim that 
she has any 'covert' operating ability left since she is blowing her cover 
all the time.

I'm sure that Anim8r is rooting for the sister to just get shot dead in the 
season finale...and I'd prefer that to her coming back next season as well.
Well people are housemates and roommates often and anyway Annie lives in the 
guest house, not the garage.  
It is to add that extra tension and it is a touch of realism. In real life the 
family of a CIA Agent sometimes doesn't know doesn't know the loved one is an 
agent. It is a bit of realism you don't see in less realistic spy shows.       
Well that would've been both heartless and and a little racist at the same 
time. She is a loyal American citizen has just lost her beloved husband and 
then you sweep in and take everything and devastating her more. Wow. There is 
no reason not to be nice and explain everything to her. They were taking it 
anyway you can be compassionate about it too. If you insist on a practical 
reason think of the morale if an agent knows if something happens to them their 
family would be treated that way.  
That was "All the Right Friends" (S2XE4) Italy and the U.S. was making the 
swap, one of theirs for one of ours. The exchange took place in Argentina, 
neutral territory. It turned out that the Italian spy we caught wasn't a spy 
after all but a legitimate journalist set up by a Italian corporation to be 
killed because he got too nosy. As the episode pointed out our friends and 
allies spy on us and we spy on time.
There are different levels of NOC; it isn't just strictly convert and non 
covert, there is a gray area. Like a deep level agent would be like Annie's old 
college professor. He never breaks cover. There are non covert agents like 
Auggie. Annie occupies the middle. She is not a long term deep cover agent but 
she maintains a secret identity for short assignments. In this way she is like 
a undercover police officer who only goes under for short periods of time, like 
a drug buy or pretending to be a prostitute, and not a FBI agent who 
infiltrates the Mafia for four or five years.

That said yes some poetic license is used because she is the star and you have 
to put her in different situations..
I just wanted to see this again.
Your suggestion that there are less realistic spy shows than this one
was funny.

I agree.

Not carrying a gun on a daily basis is realistic; not carrying a gun
when on a specific mission is a different animal. And practically
*refusing* to carry a gun is laughable.
You know how to give me the warm fuzzies!
That's a bit extreme, but I'm ready for any excuse to drop the sister.  
Can't Annie get an apartment of her own?
But why *wouldn't* a covert CIA agent want to live with her snoopy
sister who (apparently) has nothing better to do than to act snoopy?

Oh, wait...
Her sister might need the income, and Annie might want to see her nieces 
every day.  But she needs to invest in a good lock, and use it.
True, although do we know for sure that sis and hubby are officially
splitsville? Last I recall on that front was when the two were "jogging"
and sis mentioned that the thrill was gone, or some such thing.

Beyond that, if Annie isn't gonna spill, then she's gotta confront her
sister and tell her that she's been busted on the tailing stuff and the
like. "Please respect my privacy" and the like. Or tell her the truth,
given how Annie is going out of her way to make herself known to every
bad guy on the planet who might decide to come pay a visit.
Now, remember I'm not watching this show any more, but ... do we know 
WHY annoying sister is stalking Annie?  I mean, Annie lives in her home 
and cares for her kids (by driving them recklessly aroundn town).  If 
annoying sister has reason to think Annie's messed up with a bad 
element, be it crime or drugs or whatever ... she might be justified in 
checking Annie out.
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I like the show & I am still watching.

The show ia heavily promoted by our Channel 7, but is airing several 
episodes behind the US.

It is also promising to air the show "Suits" soon.
What is your opinion of this show?
Haven't seen Suits.
I hadn't planned to watch it but since i watch Burn Notice and it was on
after that, I gave it a try.  I like it quite a bit.
Suits is an entertaining romp of a lawyer show...with more about the 
interpersonal actions than the clever legal maneouverings. And with a 
few chuckles too.
I'm not Fred (and I doubt he's even watched this particular show), but I 
think "Suits" is pretty awesome - it's only had one 'dud' episode so 
far, one 'fair' episode, and 3 or 4 really good ones. 

I'm recommending it, so far...
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Many thanks for your input, Ian.
I think I had the intention of watching this show when it airs here.
I agree.  Suits is the best new show i've seen this year.  Of course a lot
depends on if or how well you like shows about lawyers.
'Suits' is a decent show, for sure, but of the new lawyer shows on TV this 
season, 'Franklin and Bash' is the better show, IMO.
I don't greatly care for lawyer shows, and silly lawyer shows are 
totally off my list to even look at.  Good thing I always have lots of 
Wow, consistently wrong again.  :/ 

Look, I like "Franklin & Bash" too, but comparing it to "Suits" is like 
comparing "Psych" to "The Mentalist" - I enjoy the heck out of both, but 
the latter make for a 'filling television meal'.
I know you are, but what am I?

Psych is passably entertaining if a bit silly.  The Mentalist is unwatchably 
bad because the main character's smarmy schtick is so repulsive.  You may as 
well watch CSI: Miami if you want tripe like that.
That was just mean.
It's a rip off of Psych, as Psych ripped off Monk. When Psych is good,
it's a hell of a lot better than The Mentalist. When it's bad, it
really sucks.
In article 

I've heard it both ways.
Me too. I find F&B more entertaining. At least both are real lawyers, 
although their antics are obviously not court approved. Suits requires 
suspending all belief about how difficult it would be to practice as a 
lawyer without a law degree, continuing professional ed requirements, etc. 
The odds of a big Harvard stocked firm hiring a supposed Harvard graduate 
and not talking to any Harvard law faculty about said candidate is a hard 
one to get around. Plus a top lawyer risking his entire career to fraud his 
own firm is also quite a plateful. That's not to say I don't enjoy Suits, 
'cause I do.
Haven't seen it.  I'll look for it next time it's on.
Unfortunately for you, the first season finale just aired last week, so you 
might have to wait for next summer...or find an online source for the show. has 3 eps online currently, but they are not the first three 
episodes of season #1.
Boredom, apparently. They conveniently managed to have her alone in the
big house on several occasions in this one so that she couldn't be
distracted by her own kids or her own husband or whatever. And
apparently she doesn't spend a lot of time on Facebook liking various
Architectural Digest and interior decorating pages.

Annie blew it (go figure) by not telling Snoopy Sis about the death of
her old professor, which immediately made her look suspicious and which
immediately gave Snoopy Sis something to do.
What happened to her catering business?
I don't know. She definitely wasn't doing any catering prep in this one,
though. Maybe once hubby landed that new job, she gave it up and went
back to Oprah and bonbons again.
True..especially now that the husband is gone.

I think that was basically the reason given at the start of the series. 
Lots of travel, no need for just take the guest house.

A good lock won't keep the sister from following her to work, reading her 
mail, listening through walls, etc...
More to the point, though, if you actually live in a world where 'bad guys' 
can show up at your house to do you harm, you are a pretty selfish person if 
you choose to make that home with your sister and her children.
He still around. He got a new job and they are still married. Also Danielle 
started her own catering business. There was an episode based on that in which 
Danielle uploaded Annie's picture as part of her website. The CIA eventually 
got it taken down, the pic that is and Annie convinced her somehow not to use 
I believe that what it was too but I have to look at the pilot again.
How that different from any other CIA operative that lives with a 
wife/husband and kids?  Having the family is part of the cover.
Well, not if you are, for instance, Mary on In Plain Sight ...
It is hard to believe that 'Smithsonian Museum buyer/curator workers' make 
so little that they cannot afford their own place.
I doubt a beginner, which I assume she's supposed to be, would make a mint 
in relation to the cost of living. You have to live pretty far out to be 
able to live on your own. When I worked in the area, the singles all had 
roomies to be able to afford the rent. People even purchased houses and then 
rented out rooms to others to be able to afford them. I doubt it's changed 
much in the intervening years, but I can't say that for sure.
A CIA roommate?  They're not all as rich as Augie.
She is a highly educated executive procurring art for the most renowned 
museum in the USA.  She would be making plenty of money to live on her 
own...same goes for her actual CIA pay.  She should not *need* roommates 
just to make ends meet.
You have to find out what is the housing market is in the DC area and what is 
the salary her cover job at the Smithsonian makes. If you know those two things 
then you can make a proper judgment of wither her economic situation is 
realistic. One thing though her job at the Smith is a government job so she 
isn't going to be making that much.  

As for her CIA salary that is immaterial. The idea is to maintain a cover of a 
Smithsonian representative. She can't live beyond her means on THAT salary. And 
who *would* think that a CIA agent would need or have a roommate?

That said maybe it is time for Anni to move from the guesthouse. I mean it is 
her sister not her husband or her kid. It is a level of exposure that she can't 
afford anymore.

And get rid of that fire engine red car too. Not change the model, just the 
She's a government employee with a GS level. Does she get both a fake 
Smithsonian and real CIA stipend? Doubtful I would think. As to her 
education, does she have doctorates? She was hired for her language 
abilities. She supposedly works in acquisitions. There is no prior info that 
she's any kind of executive, is there? As for being an executive, I don't 
see how since she's seldom there that we know of and has no real prior 
experience. She went from college to her around the world tour with Ben, 
didn't she? She'd have to be there for meetings and know other employees. No 
one there even knows her based on the few times someone has been looking for 
her. Calls to her at the Smith actually come to the CIA unit charged with 
maintaining the cover. It's a job on paper used for cover, not a real one.
If the latter were required to support the legend, it would happen with
no questions asked.

She didn't take the trip *with* Ben; she just happened to meet him and
had an affair in the middle of what was (presumably) a solo tour.

One thing that the show gets right is that alphabet agencies do have
contacts in various DC institutions that serve as a conduit for this
sort of covert stuff. It's not unlike how the CIA has a person doing the
same thing in U.S. embassies around the world. Sometimes the institution
in question knows about the conduit's ties to an alphabet agency, and
sometimes not.
That's an interesting question though - does she get the salary 
specified by her CIA job, or the salary specified by her cover job?  I 
would think it would have to be the cover job.  I guess the workaround 
would be to make sure cover jobs all have the same salary; no 
millionaire playboy secret identities!
It'd be something like a per diem, as needed in order to maintain the
plausibility of the cover.
James Bond will be so disappointed.
Side note:  I see that the *original* Casino Royale is available streaming 
from Netflix.
BOTH original versions

Barry Nel-son at Casino Roy-ale
He came to save the day and get the gal
At Casino Roy-allllllle

Six of them went to a Heavenly spot
The other one is going to a place where it's terribly hot ...
The answer to that would be it's a TV show, who gives a shit.
Um..yes...I thought it was obvious that she doesn't actually work for the 
Smithsonian.  The point was/is, that if she did, she would have plenty of 
money with that job position to be able to afford her own place.  The same 
goes for her actual job with the CIA - there should be plenty of money to be 
able to afford her own place.
Regardless of her actual CIA salary she has to live within the means of the job 
she is supposed to be performing so whatever her position's salary base is 
that's it. In other words just for an example if she makes $100,000 a year 
(again just for argument) at the CIA but if her cover job per year salary is 
only $50,000 then she has to live within a $50,000 budget and if some people 
who to live in that area has to take or be a roomate then that would be the 
logical cover. I mean the vast majority of people would have the reaction you 
did: A CIA agent with a roommate? C'mon. :-)
This presumes the base salary *is* less than her CIA salary.  I'm not 
sure if this is the premise of the show or not but in real life there 
would be no reason to give an agent a cover job that required the agent 
to live as if they made significantly less than they really do.  If the 
agent already had the low paying job then they could get a promotion.

In other words just for an example if she makes $100,000 a year

Not if she has credit cards and lines of credit (or boyfriends) that 
would allow her to live beyond that budget.

People live beyond their means routinely.  Outside of a spouse or maybe 
or someone they're borrowing money from to pay bills with, friends and 
family wouldn't necessarily know what another person's means truly are. 
  The sister is a plot device but I don't think she's a realistic one. 
Realistically I think Annie should have told her sister she got a good 
paying job and moved out and that would have been the end of that.

and if some people

I think it's fine to live with her sister if that's part of her cover 
but I don't think the CIA would ever put an employee in a situation 
where they *had* to live a lifestyle that indicated they made 
significantly less than their true salary.  There are a lot of high 
paying jobs out there that someone with the skills necessary to be a CIA 
agent could realistically work at.  While they're deep undercover, sure 
live in a low rent apartment but when they return to their normal lives 
there's no reason to continue to live under their means.
The Show people love her to death which is why they added her to the opening 
credits. Now if they start sending her on missions, then yes, a bullet to 
the head will be in order. Annie would then have to quit to take care of the 
kids which she agreed to do last season. :)