Is anyone still watching Eureka?

TV Arts

I haven't actually looked for it, but I haven't noticed anything, 

I just love Carter's side comments. :)  Tonight when whatserface said 
she was craving rib me and he said, "That's just WRONG," and then she 
said, "Beef jerky," and he responded, "Okay, seriously, I think I just 
threw up in my mouth a little."  I just thought it was hilarious!  I 
laughed out loud.  Seriously.  I don't know why.
I want to, but there's too much competition. I have to catch it on the 
re-run or somethin'
It is the Sci-Fi channel. They'll have a marathon one of 
these days.
Just yesterday, in fact, leading up to the finale.
I was using the Friday night rerun, until last week when Heroes took 
over the spot.  Today there was a marathon leading up to the season 
finale, so I recorded the episode I missed last week.

But I don't see the finale repeating any time soon.