Is "Curb Your Enthusiasm" finished?

TV Arts

That sure felt like a series finale. Too bad if this is it. I thought
this was their best season yet. It wasn't consident but it hit some
major highs. 

And what does HBO have now? "Entourage," another six episodes of
"Extras" and a sitcom that sounds like their version of "The War At
Home." They'd be crazy not to go after "Arrested Development" if they
can't get Larry David back.
"Consistent." Wow, where was my head on that one?
There's some speculation about that at the link, but the answer is that no 
one knows. Considering the vast amount of time between the last two seasons, 
we may not know for a long time.

I'm surprised to hear anyone think it's the best season -- wouldn't that 
have to be any of the first three?  They go in order for me: the first 
three, then the fourth, then this one. The finale was great, and a couple of 
the later episodes were particularly consistent as well, but there was a lot 
of misfiring and flailing this season, more than usual, as if the 
improvisational abilities of the actors has run nearly dry.
I would go with season 2 as the most consistent but season 5 wins for
me because it had 3 or 4 episodes that I would place on the all-time
best list (I'm still undecided about the finale; it was funny and
clever but too fanciful in tone that doesn't really fit in with the
rest of the series.).

The complaint I keep hearing is that this season David has been
borrowing ideas from "Seinfeld" but for some reason I don't mind. It's
even funny in a meta, fictional storylines repeating themselves in
David's "real" world way. I could even believe that David meant it
that way since "Seinfeld" is so beloved and remembered in every minute
detail that David had to know that people would notice him repeating
bits from it.
The scenes in the middle of the finale when he thought he was a WASP were 
unbelievably good. I'd rank that with anything. The ending was high-concept, 
that's for sure (I had to go the Web site after to make sure that was really 
the Ali G guy), and I was fooled because I assumed they were going to play 
the whole "two months later" thing as a dream sequence. Also, when they 
faded to white like that, I was dying for an epitaph "Six Feet Under" style 
(they might have even started playing that Sia song in keeping with the 
finale), but that might have been too much.

Not having seen them in repeats, which means not having seen some of them in 
almost forever, much of that was probably lost on me.