Is there Life on Mars?

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Is there Life on Mars? Wrong question!

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Enough of this 'water business'...
Couldn't you give Curosity a bottle of
Arrowhead water and spill it on the ground?

Or couldn't you just melt all the ice
with the lasers?

Look at all that ice!!!!

There's enough water for everybody!

There's plenty of water on earth...
I still don't see anybody coming out of the water.

Am I missing something here?

What made people stop coming out of the water?

The Starmaker

I figured out what SR GR means...Einstein invented one, and his wife invented the other.
Mars never had life. Mars never had running water. Mars is now GOP
Mafia NASA only way left to steal tax payer money.  I wonder how much
they are charging to keep NASA going?   The rate is around 2 billion
for each lie.  TreBert