It's a Boy For Lost Alum Evangeline Lilly!

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It's a Boy For Lost Alum Evangeline Lilly!
Saturday – May 21, 2011

Freckles, Jr!

Lost alum Evangeline Lilly gave birth to a baby boy. This is the first  
child for Lilly, 31, and boyfriend Norman Kali, who worked as a production  
assistant on the ABC hit.

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Lilly recently spoke about how she was happy to be moving on from the  
show. "People are excited to try on the next chapter of their lives," she  
told New York Magazine. "This show is all-encompassing. We have had very  
little experience outside of the show during the last six years because  
it's just so demanding; it requires so much of us. So, it's exciting to  
have your freedom back, essentially."

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And the Golden Globe nominee, who dated costar Dominic Monaghan from  
2004-2009, said that said she wanted to take a hiatus from show business  
for a while.

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"I'm definitely planning on taking a break for a little while," she said.  
"I consider acting a day job -- it's not my dream; it's not my be-all,  
Eh, from Hobbit to "production assistant."  I guess that gives hope to
all us Regular Joes, eh? :-)

RWG (seriously, I hope the little tyke at least gets his/her looks
from his mother)
Dude, that guy is tall. Maybe you can say that her taste in men grew