It's just not right that SNL won't slap on some carmel coloured make up & over-

TV Arts

There. I said it.
But I guess the writers strike makes this all a moot point, huh? But
the *real* challenge would be to get an impression of Oprah Winfrey
and Barack Obama-- since Rudolph already does the big 'O' on a regular
basis-- on the same stage when the real-life Winfrey goes out
campaigning for the real-life Obama.
This problem for SNL is the result of cutting the cast down.  SNL has become 
too limited in what skits it can put on. Maya would make a shitty Obama. If 
Finesse Mitchel was still around he  would be adequate. I guess tight-wad 
Lorne, was too cheap to get a thin Black guy who could play the Obama part. 
He must have known he would be needed. Hell, he could have shit canned Will 
Forte, and for less money picked up a good Obamite.  SNL needs a new 
Easy... Bring back Tracy Morgan for a cameo.  He could play a hilarious 
Obama, or he could do Oprah, as he has on 30 Rock.
Tracy Morgan?  That talentless fucking moron?  He was the Paris Hilton
of Saturday Night Live.  He makes Norm MacDonald look like Olivier!!!
The ONLY thing Morgan ever did on Saturday Night Live was chant, "I'm
Brian Fellows."  Jesus, and really talented people like Eddie Murphy
had to work for their success.
I loved Astronaut Jones, Pimp Chat, Brian Fellows, and he's hilarious on 30 
Tracy Morgan is as funny as a root canal.  He's the same annoying
character in everything he plays: a loud-mouthed, rude, moronic thug.
Imagine Travolta's career if he had only played Vinny Barbarino over
and over and over again in every role he did.  That's Morgan, the
Black Tom Green.  Funny how certain actors attain a certain degree of
fame by just repeating themselves like a chant as the same character
in every role.  Andy Kaufmann was a master of deliberate monotony and
played his one note characters with style *but* each character was a
different note, not the same note in all characters, like Tracy, "Hi,
I'm Brian Fellows" Morgan.  You must watch a different "30 Rock" than
I do.

Oh, well, each to their own.
I hate to make a serious reply to this thread, but that is actually a slap 
at Vinny Barbarino.  Saturday Night Fever actually had a decent little 
coming-of-age story buried under all the Bee Gees music.

I can actually understand Tracy Morgan.  Making believe he's a talented and 
popular actor (both him and his character) is the only way Tina Fey can get 
away with making jokes about black cultural excesses.  Whereas in reality, 
we don't laugh with him -- we laugh AT him.
That I like. Yeah. Serve Oprah right to have blimpy, manly Morgan
parody her.