It's official: Britney's new album "Blackout" is a total flop -- sold just 430,0

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Brit's "Blackout" Wipes Out

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One thing Britney Spears is not thankful for: the support of the
record-buying public.

That's because "Blackout" is now officially a total and utter flop. It
has sold a total of 430,000 copies after a full month of release,
according to the ever-perspicacious FOX News, and it's going nowhere
fast. Consider that each of Brit's first three albums sold north of 10
million units (and the first two - more than 20 mil), and that the
fourth, "In the Zone," sold 609,000 in its first week. Britney's
getting' dinged hard, y'all.

((( !!! FAILURE !!! ))) ((( !!! FAILURE !!! ))) ((( !!! FAILURE !!! )))
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See what I mean. Yet again, you're gleefully reveling in the misfortunes 
of others.
I'm just putting it out there. The facts are the facts. In case anyone
skim reads, I'm giving them a bulletin of the entire article. ;-)
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No, you're not "just" doing that.
Britney didn't hit Number One in Billboard. The Eagles did (albeit
after Billboard changed its chart methodology to include albums
available only at only one chain).

  I would like to see Don Henley on the cover of Us Weekly every week,

  [email protected] - RATV's pro wrestling ambassador


  "Keep pushing, kids." - David Letterman

  He's a monster. He loves flowers. See Henry's Garden, and vote for
it on IMDB!
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He's just a pissy queen that is jealous that Britney has real girl
parts, and he doesn't.
lol Why would I care what she has whether in tip top shape of like
Jabba The Hut? I'm quite happy being a guy, tyvm. But thanks for
playing. :-p

Looks like Ms. Spears desperate last attempt for a come back has
failed miserably. No surprise there.
Tell us about your accomplishments as a human being, "Taylor".  That 
ought to be worth a few laughs.
Hey. Don't shoot the messenger. Jeez.
From a commercial standpoint she is not really relevant in a musical
sense anymore (in other words very few are interested in her for what
she is doing in the recording studio).   She is mainly just an out of
control  freak show these days with a new installment of weirdness
coming every week it sees.
Ya know, I hate that people like you actually believe all that crap
the media spews out.
They have clearly targeted Britney and now it's a daily thing.  If
they focused on any of us as they do her I'm sure we'd be viewed as
bizzare also.

"I'm misses lifestyle of the rich and famous.  I'm misses oh my god
that Britney's
 shameless.  I'm misses extra extra luscious thin.  I'm misses she's
to big, now she's
 too thin."
  --Britney Spears(Piece of Me: From Blackout)

Yet still fools still buy into what the TV says, because TV's our
Why are you talking about Michael Jackson?

So in other words, "Blackout" achieved 86% of the sales required for
gold record (500,000) just in the first month and TMZ is calling that

"Gold" record?  Yawn.  those standards don't mean much anymore.  With
someone of her fame that is really
[email protected],

Considering the difficulty she has been having in her personal life and 
in trying to find a new identity after being a pop-tart, it's still not 
too shabby, and it's definitely not some sign that she is finished as a 
recording artist.
...or a trainwreck.