JERICHO - Hey! Where's The Morse Code Update for 2/28?!!

TV Arts

What the Subject says. (Also, did anyone decipher the morse code for 
2/21? Or was there any in that episode?....)

P.S. Looks like this show is going back to "snooze mode" if the promos 
for the next episode are to be believed. I think I'll be skipping that 
They list them in Wiki and

Last week, it was Bloodshed (finishing the sentence "It begins with 6 
and ends in/with Bloodshed.)

This week it was Bleeding KS.

People actually go by the promos and decide if to watch? Hmm.


Cool, but what happened to our very own newsgroup guru(tm) who use to do 
it for *us*?! 

For some shows, yeah - "Jericho" is marginal enough with me that I'm not 
going to go to the trouble of DVR'ing it, unless the episode looks like 
it will be good/will provide some answers...
People seem to have lost interest over the break. Even George stopped
doing the scores.
Meanwhile, it's better than ever.