JERICHO - I'm starting to lose interest

TV Arts

(1) What captured my attention was the mystery of "who nuked the
cities?" but instead of answering the question, the show has wandered
off into p-l-o-t  s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g and p-a-d-d-i-n-g.  I hate
stories that are around 120 minutes long but then stretched & padded to
22 hours long.  It's like drinking watered-down milk or beer.

(2) I'm growing sick of these "Let's hold hands & sing kum-bye-yah"
endings.  People don't fight & then suddenly act friendly after only 40
minutes.  That's not how the real world works.  In the real world,
people hold grudges and stop trusting the neighbor who tried to steal
the food & the episode ends grimly.

(3) I'm bored and losing interest.  I completely forgot to watch the
most-recent episode (until today).  That's how little I cared.
No you cared so little that you posted an incredibly stupid and myopic
post to usenet. Eat a bullet.
It's a review.  No different than if Roger Ebert says, "Star Wars
Episode 1 was a lousy movie."  He expressed his opinion, and now I
expressed mine.

YOU in contrast did not post a review.
You posted a childish personal attack.
"Eat a bullet"?  Wow.  How 2-yr-old of you.
:lol: You're such a freaking loser.
Lots of people posted reviews...a month or so ago when the show was 
still airing.  Just because your head is up your ass doesn't mean 
everyone else's is.
[email protected] writes:

You're not worth any more than that, Troy. Buh bye now. *
Somehow, it seems as if Troy and Omarichu deserve each other.
Certainly, Troy deserves Omarichu. Not as sure about the other way

Either way, Troy getting that kind of reply from somebody like Omarichu
is cetainly fitting.

...sez the guy (noted for making his own share of "childish personal
attacks") posting from a sock-puppet account...