Jay Mohr, Jaime King, Paula Marshall join CBS comedy pilot

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Jay Mohr, Jaime King join CBS pilot
Paula Marshall also on board for the untitled comedy
By Nellie Andreeva

Jay Mohr, Paula Marshall and Jaime King have been tapped to star in
CBS' untitled Ed Yeager comedy pilot. Also cast in the pilot are Ryan
Malgarini and Laura Marano.

The multicamera project from ABC Studios centers on an easygoing,
recently divorced dad (Mohr) who tries to navigate new waters with his
ex-wife (Marshall), to whom he was married for 15 years, his kids
(Malgarini, Marano) and his new girlfriend (King).

Mohr is a regular on CBS' drama "Ghost Whisperer," produced by ABC
Studios and CBS Par. As part of his deal to star in the Yeager pilot,
that project also will become a co-production with CBS Par.

For Mohr, the Yeager project is in first position. But if the pilot
goes to series, there is potential for him also to appear on
"Whisperer," which has been renewed for next season.

Mohr is repped by Paradigm, New Wave and attorneys Deborah Klein and
Andy Galker.

Marshall recently recurred on "Nip/Tuck." King is set to reprise her
role in the sequel to "Sin City."
Interesting clue about the possible fate of Back To You as Laura
Marano plays Gracie, the daughter, on that sitcom.

OTOH, I suppose the HR writer could be confusing Laura Marano with her
older sister, Vanessa, who played April on Gilmore Girls.

  -- Rob
She's off "Back To You." They recast the role in the middle of the
season for "storyline reasons."
So that's why the kid in that show is aging in reverse! I thought it
might have jumped genres after the strike.
Well, that was dumb.  She had great father-daughter chemistry with
Kelsey Grammer.  Hadn't really jumped back into the show yet due to
the strike, but I'm totally done with it *now.*

  -- Rob
That seems a bit extreme. On the other hand, it's not like "Back to
You" is particularly entertaining. Who knows how little it would take
to make a viewer jump ship?
I did during the strike. Used to watch every week thinking with the
talent involved it would get better, and it did a little. But I didn't
feel drawn to it once it returned. So this is the only show the strike
killed for me.
Personally, I thought she was looking a little old for someone who was
supposed to be around 8.   The new actress seems to be more age-