Jenilee Harrison from Three's Company/Dallas/crappy infomercials: 'Memba Her??!

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Cindy from "Three's Company": 'Memba Her?!

Jenilee Harrison is best known for playing clumsy roommate Cindy Snow
on the '70s/'80s TV series "Three's Company." Guess what she looks
like now!

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The Kisses Are Hers and Hers and His

The 49-year-old resurfaced at an event in L.A., looking eager.

Jenilee also starred on "Dallas" for a few years and has the
distinction of being the only character to be killed off twice.

She's currently married to Cybill Shepherd's ex-husband and makes a
living starring in infomercials.

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Now we know what happened to the TEETH of Mr. Ed after he died! :-o
i think she looks great.
Yeah, for a 60 year old.