Jennifer Connelly's ears, Dakota Fanning's teeth

TV Arts

Saw Jennifer Connelly promoting her new movie tonight on Letterman.  
She's still hot, but I never noticed before that she has ears like an 
elephant.  She had her beautiful hair pulled behind them, and then these 
enormous earrings constantly drawing attention to them.

BTW, a couple of weeks ago there was discussion about Dakota Fanning's 
teeth.  When she was on last night, she mentioned that she now has 
braces and a retainer.  Seems a little early to me, but maybe her 
handlers were reading the newsgroup.
She's too thin now. All skin and bones. What is it with actresses? They
don't want to be five pounds over "ideal" weight, so they swing 25
pounds in the opposite direction instead. Lindsay Lohan is doing the
same thing.
I recently saw 1991's "Career Opportunities," which is a crap movie but 
also shows Jennifer Connelly at what I think was her physical peak - a 
lush, healthy, voluptuous body, accentuated by a tight white tank top. 
She's obviously thinner now, but she's made a nice bounceback from her 
nadir, around the time she won her Oscar. Seeing her that night was very 
dramatic and shocking for me, especially as it seemed she had dropped a 
lot of weight since the Golden Globes just a couple of months earlier. 
But last night she was very pretty and sexy. The dress helped as well. :)

P.S. The rumor was that the weight loss was at least partially due to a 
bad breakup she had from Josh Charles. Good to see that Paul Bettany is 
putting a little meat back on her bones.

Check out "The Hot Spot."
FWIW, she still looked great as recently as "Mulholland Falls" (1996) 
and "Inventing the Abbotts" (1997). So she went "bad" after that...
Dakota has freeeeeeeeeeaky teeth! Yuck.
They hurt, too!