Jon Stewart = hypocrite

TV Arts

You may think he's Mr. Nice Guy, but Jon Stewart is nothing more than a

liberal hypocrite:

* He's discriminatory.  Bush's cabinet is more way more diverse than
his correspondents.  Only white males (and the occasional female
blonde) for him, thank you very much.  Same goes for his senior staff.

* He's exploitative.  At the same time he's attacking Wal-Mart for
their labor practices, his office is filled with unpaid "interns" who
answer phones and do other duties that in other offices are performed
by paid employees.  And forget about health care or pensions.

* He's anti-union.  He attacked the union on stage at the Emmy's 2
years ago.  And when his writers tried to join a union this fall, he
threatened to fire them.

* He's evasive.  He criticizes the administration for not answering
questions from reporters, but when anyone questions him, he avoids
giving an answer with the excuse that he's "just a comedian"

* He practices nepotism.  He makes fun of Bush for having his Daddy get

him his job.  Meanwhile, he's hired several correspondents' brothers
and spouses, despite their apparent lack of talent.

* He's disloyal.  He's randomly fired staff that have loyally worked
for him for years.  And if he ever has to choose between more money for
himself and more benefits for his employees, he always comes first.

Don't be fooled by the charming smile.  Judge people by what they do,
and not what they say!
So?  It's just a TV show, not the government, it's not expected to set 
an example for the country.

Interns are standard practice in the entertainment industry.  They're 
not there to make money, they're there to get an education about the 
business and make contacts.  The payoff comes in the future, rather than 
in their immediate bank account.

I don't remember what he said at the Emmys, but I suspect it was a joke, 
not an attack.  That's what comedians do, they make jokes, and the jokes 
don't necessarily reflect their views.  Haven't you ever made fun of 
someone you actually like, just because the opportunity presented itself?

He *is* just a comedian.

So?  It's just a TV show, not the government.  It's important that the 
government be run by qualified people.  Look at FEMA's mismanagement of 
Katrina for an example of what happens when they aren't qualified.  On 
the other hand, hiring an untalented comedian on a TV show isn't going 
to cause millions of people to lose their homes.

He's the star and executive producer of the show, so it sounds like 
Hollywood business as usual.
Besides, how does that make him a hypocrite? If what tdsinsider says
is true, then Stewart was anti-union two years ago, and anti-union this
past fall. Sounds pretty consistent to me.