Keith Olbermann's new show premieres June 20th

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Keith Olbermann's Show to Launch June 20 on CurrentTV
by Lindsay Powers

Keith Olbermann's CurrentTV show will launch on June 20, the network
announced Tuesday.

The show will still be called Countdown With Keith Olbermann, which is
the same as MSNBC, which he departed in January.

It will air each week night at 8 p.m. ET.

Olbermann announced his appointment as chief news officer of Al Gore's
CurrentTV in February.

"Nothing is more vital to a free America than a free media, and
nothing is more vital to my concept of a free media than news produced
independently of corporate interference," he said at the time.

Mark Rosenthal, CEO of Current, says the show "will combine familiar
and popular features with some new elements that we can’t wait to
unveil. We’re creating a great platform for Keith’s style, which
includes a very sophisticated digital presence for him -- that we
think will appeal to his very enthusiastic and active following.  The
show will also appeal to new viewers tuning into Keith for the first
I read an interesting article about how Olbermann ended up on Gore's 
fake network; his non compete clauses kept him from going to any real 
station, but Gore's current scam is so minor that it's exempt.
And yet, because you're gay, you still feel threatened by this.
Your projection knows no bounds, cocksucker :)
Not that any legitimate network would want him.
No, but CBS might.
Like I said. I bet Walter Chronic is spinning in his grave over the sad
state of affairs his TV home: "fake but real" documents, his spot taken 
by a former morning coffee-clatch show host, etc.
Troll alert.
Troll alert.
Asshole Anim8R thinks CBS is left wing? LOL
Druggie Limbaugh told him it was true.
From: [email protected] (trotsky) 
<<<SN: Asshole Anim8R thinks CBS is left wing? LOL>>>
Which one is supposed to be the comedian?

America's premier left wing hate monger teams up with America's premier
left wing scam artist.  The liberal loons will love it.  :)

Irish Mike

Global warming is the biggest bullshit scam ever pulled on the American
people and makes Bernie Madoff look like a crooked girl scout selling over
priced cookies.
And it's certainly given the trolls something to talk about, I'll tell 
you what!