Kid Nation episode one now history, found to be... (spoilers)

TV Arts

...a more elaborate version of the Discovery Kids show Endurance,
itself a kid's version of Survivor.  For all the hype about how it
flouting child labour laws, etc., I found it came across as fairly
safe.  The kids were divided into four teams and participated in a
competition that determined the type of jobs for which their team
would be responsible and the respective wages which they would
receive.  It created a class system very much like the real world.
Granted the show is manipulative but what reality show isn't?  It
honestly wouldn't surprise me if Kid Nation pulls in major ratings and
only strengthens CBS' ratings position at the expense of the other
three networks and a couple of other debuting series (Fox's 'Back to
You' and ABC's 'Pushing Daisies').
Actually, some of the kids may well benefit from the experience.

That little 8 year old boy said that his parents still tuck him in at 
night!  His parents aren't doing him any favors by smothering him with 
such overprotectiveness.  This is an opportunity for the kid to learn 
some self-reliance and independence.

Perhaps today's suburban kids are missing something when they have to be 
chaperoned everywhere by their parents in SUVs and minivans.  I grew up 
in New York City, and we kids got accustomed to the independence of 
buying subway tokens with our allowance and just jumping on the subway 
to go anywhere.  We didn't need our parents to take us to museums, 
baseball games, etc.
and above all, cellphones...just another tether for the parents..ugh!
Let them go.
Infortunately, we no longer live in a world where it's safe for kids
to be out alone.
Yeah. It's due to an increase in paranoia among parents, not an increase
in predators of children by strangers.
This comment reflects your overall understanding of parents/children.  A 
child being 'tucked in' does not equate with them not being able to tuck 
themselves in.  It isn't a question of 'independence'.

They call such kids 'street urchins', I believe.  I find it humorous that 
you can't even figure out that kids in the other 99% of the country can't 
hop on the subway because no such beastie exists where they live.
Yeah, but I bet it was a bit safer then than it is now.
New York City? you're kidding, right? Odds are it was way more
dangerous then than it is now, since they cleaned up a lot of crime in
recent years.