Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag Pose Together for Rolling Stone

TV Arts

Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad agreed to put away their cat claws – for one 
day at least – to pose for the new cover of Rolling Stone.

They didn't stand next to each other (Audrina Patridge got between them, 
while Whitney Port stood on Conrad's other side).

The drama between the two is still brewing.

The two both hit the launch of the Scarlet HD TV Series bash in Los Angeles 
Monday night, and Montag couldn't resist taking a swipe at her ex-BFF.

"I really pray for her," Montag told

Conrad's bud, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth (who was also there), defended her pal.

"I wasn't aware that Heidi was an especially religious gal," she snapped. 
"But if she wants to pray, she can pray all she wants."

When told that Montag is praying for her, Conrad rolled her eyes.

"That’s really nice of her," she said before walking off.

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