Law & Order Series Finale (Spoilers!)

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Law & Order Series Finale Spoilers!!
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Now that Law & Order has been cancelled after its twenty season run,
many are curious to see how the series ends!

We've just gotten wind of the finale episode deets, and for the sake
of the fans, we hope that it's a lot more exciting than it sounds!


The final episode will involve the NYC school system's controversial
"rubber room" system, which apparently is a place that unfit teachers
awaiting disciplinary hearings hang out while collecting full
salaries. This apparently cost taxpayers $30 million a year and, in
real life, has already been abolished!

The story's anatgonist will be a blogger called Moot, who is
threatening to blow up a city school. Detectives Lupo and Bernard are
led to believe that the culprit is a former student of many of the
teachers awaiting disciplinary hearings in a rubber room, so they
bring the investigation down to one of these spots.

Hmm. Inneresting?

Sounds a little boring for the last episode of a twenty year series!

Too bad - the writers probably were blindsided by the cancellation and
didn't have to time to prepare something epic!

What do U think?? Will U be tuning in to watch the last Law & Order

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In article

Since the cancellation was announced just a few days ago and came as a
surprise -- ya think?

Those people at the Post must be morons.