Looking for a series name

TV Arts

Google, IMDB, and other sites have not helped. I'm looking for the
name of a show that was broadcast in syndication on American cable TV.
The show was probably taped and produced in France or Spain. I saw it
at some point between 1996 and 2002. The cast included four people.
They were "superhero" crime fighters with no superpowers. The day job
of the leader was a criminal court judge. There was a young woman who
was a martial arts expert, an older man, and a young black man, IIRC.
The "superhero" group had a name, but the police was convinced they
were bad guys. The name of the show may have been the name of the
"superhero" group. The judge wore something to keep his identity
secret when they were out apprehending bad guys, but I don't remember
if the rest had costumes. Boy, this looks like a lame question, but
does anyone remember a show like that?
"Dark Justice" perhaps? First with Ramy Zada and then with Bruce Abbott.

OMG--thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been trying to
remember the name of that show for TEN YEARS!
It used to be part of CBS's "Crime Time After Prime Time", between
when they stopped doing "The CBS Late Movie" and started doing their
version of a late night talk show. They ran a different show each
night, other entries of which included the original run of "Silk
Stalkings" as well as Florida Keys-based PI drama "Sweating Bullets"
and vampire cop show "Forever Knight".
I think I caught Silk Stalkings and Dark Justice on cable. Thanks for
the info.