Lowes ( home improvements ) First to show Xmas ads on the tube...

TV Arts

Gosh it makes my all tingly inside .....of course Walgreen's is right
there with the in store promos..
but somewhat low key so far....They will make up for it ..
"Where the hell is the @#$%^% remote ???" ([email protected]) writes:
You must have missed the thread last week (or was it the week before?).

US Thanksgiving is just under three weeks away and The OC's Thanksgiving
episode is this week.  

Before you know it, it will be suddenly very close.

I'm already getting Christmas spam.

"Christmas spam... mmmm" *drools*  -- Homer Simpson
"TeleAddictus" ([email protected]) writes:
Thanks for resurrecting this thread.  It's now the day after US Thanksgiving,
and all complaints about "Christmas is coming too early" can now be expired.

Oddly, I've not gotten any Christmas spam since I posted that bit.

How about "Christmas is coming too late"?  I haven't heard the Menards 
Christmas jingle yet, and I'm starting to worry!  In this part of the 
country, it's kind-of a tradition.
I'm getting spams with the subject CHRISTMAS SPECIAL or BEST CHRISTMAS 
SPECIAL a few times an hour.  They're starting to pile up on me . . .