Lydia Cornell, the blond with big tits on 'Too Close For Comfort' -- 'Memba Her

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Blonde on "Too Close for Comfort": 'Memba Her?!

In the '80s, Lydia Cornell became famous as Ted Knight's blonde
daughter on the TV series "Too Close for Comfort." Guess what she
looks like now!

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Too Close for Comfort

The 46-year-old (although some sources say she is 55) resurfaced at a
charity event in L.A., looking like Fergie.

According to IMDB, Cornell had her last drink in 1994 and is the great-
great-great-granddaughter of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" author Harriet
Beecher Stowe.

Lydia is now a blogger, novelist and stand-up comedian and currently
hosts a Las Vegas radio show about politics and celebrity.

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again, the curse of bad light for TMZ.

I've seen her a few times on TV, I'd still hit it.