METEOR alert!

TV Arts

It's coming!  Three times the size of Mount Everest, and traveling 
160,000 miles an hour!

Sunday, July 12, 8-10pm Mountain.
Why are you telling us this?  Did you work on this show?
It's on topic for both groups, but I realize that the concept of posting
on-topic material is foreign to you.
He's a sadist.

Or an exhibitional masocist.
Scratch what I just posted.  Bad article threading, etc.  Still, while 
STFU_troy didn't say something stupid THIS TIME, I'm sure it fits for 
something else.

Oh wait, even this was stupid.  Never mind.
No, his statement questioning why someone would post something about a 
tv movie (on a tv ng) was stupid.  He wins the award for the day.
That was rather perplexing, wasn't it?

But I suppose I should answer it:

No, neither myself nor anyone I know of worked on this show.
No, STFU_troy is a goon who can't read the "let me guess" part.