MSNBC's the leftover anchor network? Complete list?

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MSNBC seems to get the leftovers from CNN and FNC I have been trying to
think of all of them who are currently working for MSNBC. I have: 

From CNN 
1) Natalie Allen (CNN anchor) woefully underused 
2) Pat Buchanan (Crossfire) 
3) Tucker Carlson (Crossfire) woefully overused. 

From Fox News
1) Rita Cosby (anchor/host) anyone know who she is replacing? I assume
2) Monica Crowley (?) or was she just a pundit on FNC? 
3) The reporter that does story segments for Chris Matthew's show
Hardball. Can't recall his name. 

From Court TV
1) Dan Abrams 

From Fox Sports 
1) Keith Olbermann 

From ABC News 
1) Ron Reagan - not sure if  this counts since he has not worked for ABC
in a few years. 

Have everyone?

With all these news people there I wonder why MSNBC doesn't use them as
such.  MSNBC could become the 'news network' limiting their coverage to
strictly news, sports and weather and forgoing all that extraneous talk
and opinion and those old Headliners and Legends reruns.
Might be worth a try -
in article [email protected], JC at

But MSNBC becoming a news network would go against everything they've stood
from from the first week.
But then who would notice? Hanging onto a losing biz plan hardly seems
like a good decision.