MSNBC Maddow says FOX not news - while she calls R's idiots

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She said last night, because Glenn Beck offers slanted reporting, FOX
is no longer a news organization.    Hypocriite!  If you Rachel can
sit there and offer-up your *opinion* about "stupid conservatives",
why is it not okay for Glenn Beck to do the same (offer

Pull your head out of your ____ Maddow.  You sit on the opposite side
of the fence, but otherwise you are NO different from Beck.  For you
to claim the presence of Beck == FOX not being a news organization,
also means the presence of Maddow == MSNBC not being a news
organization.  (Duh.)  It's simple logic.  If this, then this.

I've heard you have an IQ somewhere around 140 - might want to try
using it Rachel.


You poor boob.

I watch both Maddow and Beck (I figure the truth lies somewhere in the
middle of these two).   In my opinion the "poor boob" is the person
who doesn't hear both sides.  He's close-minded and learns nothing.
Ya know, like you Mr. Followup-To: alt.stupidity

And that's only part of what makes you so damn cute, you poor boob.