MTV's "Jersey Shore" gets 6.7 million viewers, tops networks in 18-49s

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'Jersey Shore' posts series high
MTV show also beats broadcast in 18-49 demo at 10 p.m.
By James Hibberd

Broadcast TV is back in season? Fuggedaboutit.

After taking the most modest of dips during the major network's
premiere week, MTV's "Jersey Shore" bounced back up Thursday night to
hit yet another series high.

"Jersey" drew 6.7 million viewers and a 3.4 rating among adults 18-49.

That's a higher demo number than anything on broadcast in the hour.

If a broadcast network launched "Jersey Shore" this fall and drew
these ratings at 10 p.m. on Thursdays with nothing but a repeat for a
lead-in, they'd be ecstatic even though they would not be getting the
best ad rates.
I know that The Apprentice has all those $100k+ viewers, but really, I doubt 
that it would pull higher ad rates than Jersey Shore would in that slot; 
especially if you include all the makegoods that NBC is going to have to do 
for The Apprentice.
I think what that meant is advertisers would stay away from trashy
reality shows.
How does Big Brother do with advertisers?  What about Wipeout?
Isn't "Wipeout" the opposite of trashy?
Wipeout is the gameshow that would be 'invented' if you put a group of 
trailer park residents together and asked them what kind of gameshow they 
wanted to watch.
Sometimes trailer park residents can get things right.
Wipeout still isn't going to have any more high brow appeal to advertisers.
The perception of it isn't "trashy," it's "family show."
Low brow family show.
It's lighthearted, inoffensive and family-friendly. I doubt that any
advertisers disparage it.
Nor would they pay a premium for it.