Made in the USA: Meh

TV Arts

I watched the premiere of "Made in the USA", a new reality show which
features inventors who are competing for a spot on QVC (or some home
shopping channel).

I'm not very familiar with the celebrity judges, but one was the man
who started/invented Atari, a woman from QVC who invented some kind of
mop who played the "Paula Abdul" role, and some weird tatooed gay 
designer who wore the worst glasses ever playing this show's "Simon".

The first round consisted of the contestants giving their initial
pitches to the group. Some ideas were pretty neat, while others were
just plain stupid. I was rather impressed with the baby stroller that
could be converted into a car seat and the customizable women's shoes
and a material with which one could make a floating garden, but a lot
of them were just lame, like a strap-on skateboard "seat belt" for the
feet, some surfer hippy's water aerobics gear (he wore a gilligan hat
and a wetsuit), and a BBQ fork with a bar to push the food off it (why
not use tongs like you're sppsd to?).

After narrowing the herd down to a dozen, the judges offered the first
round of elimination: offer a pitch for a "mystery object", which
turned out to be a banana. Surprisingly, some people knew how to sell
that banana and others were just sad. After this competition, the
group was narrowed down to six: convertible shoes, floating garden,
the quad-zipper, hair extensions, Gorilla Gripper ™, and a water 
delivery system for football players (think of those hats with can 

The show has a lot of promise and doesn't seem to have the back-biting
we see so often in these shows, but I'm not sure how long I'll keep
watching because I'm not really excited about most of the inventions.
I enjoyed the first part of the show, but the part where they did a pitch 
for a product that wasn't their own -- and it turned out to be a banana, 
seemed like a crap challenge to me. Maybe I'm far off on this, but I 
would think that even a good salesman could do really badly on a random 
product that was just sprung on him, and that can hardly be counted on as 
a "product" anyway.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting show. I don't know if I'll watch 
it again. I'll probably watch it if I was already watching TV at the time 
anyway; not something I would rearrange my schedule for.
I found the premiere to be entertaining.  I thought the inventions were
pretty creative - still not sure why the skateboard one didn't make the
cut, but the ones that did were all really good too.  The banana
challenge was just hilarious.  I love when people get put on the spot
and start making up crazy stuff.

I think tomorrow's show will be interesting. I'll tune in to see what
they have to do next. I believe they are working with their own
products again, right?
Is USA bagging this show? I checked my Tivo and it looks like the next 
couple of episodes are playing at 10 am on Friday morning (10/7 & 10/14) 
and that is the only airings.

I am not sure what the normal time for this show was but I know it used 
to have multiple airings and my Tivo would usually grab one of the 
repeats. At least I have no recording conflicts at 10 am but I wonder how 
many people will be able to catch the ending of this show now.

Weird. I was kind of enjoying this show.