Major mistakes at the Oscar.

TV Arts

You would think that the Academy would know something about movies and
actors.  But Penelpe Cruz is from Mexico?  The Departed is based on a
Japanese movie? Ellen had to make a public apology for the Cruz mix
up.  No one even said anything about the Departed mistake.
Actually, Ellen mentioned Cruz and then mentioned the Mexican
filmmakers and flubbed it all together so it sounded like she was
saying Cruz was from mexico but she wasn't - she just flubbed her

When did someone say Infernal Affairs was Japanese?
I think Marty mentioned that in his speech.
No, Marty got it right. I don't recall if he specified it as being
a Hong Kong film, but he mentioned that it was directed by Andy Lau.

I think the "Japanese" mistake was made by the voiceover commentator
when Monahan went up to accept his screenplay Oscar.
He specified that it was a Hong Kong film.

  -- Rob