Mariah Carey close to tying The Beatles for Number One Hits, 'Glitter' be damne

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So Wrong

I like Maria Carey ,not as muich as Madonna but she (Mariah)has been
thriugh alot.The song rain brought her back to stardom.Ill have to
youtiube "glitter" to catch up.I wish you would talk I am caitious of
links.I actibvated one four days ago
and my computer crash.I dont "link" any more unless I recognize the
link.So Taylor I have no reply,Sorry mudo asno.
here is miss carey in 2006 doing her most recent number one hit on the
she starts out weak - her dress is coming apart and she can't hear
 she pulls out her earpeice and then almost falls off her high shoes,
but she pulls herself together and winds up for an incredible finish.
 no one else can do it like mc!
 she was heavier then than she is in 2008, but she still looked
gorgeous and voluptuous.
 haters need to get ready to gag, because miss carey gettin ready to
come back and hit you hard.
she literally achieves synthesesia here.
 it's an orgasm onstage!