Men of a Certain Age "Let the Sunshine In" (spoilers)

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Wow. TNT's short sheeted "Men of a Certain Age" 's episode order, again,
although season 2 got a 12 episode order, then ripped the sheet in half.
The show was placed on hiatus till summer quarter, with six unaired episodes.

Speaking of assholes, Terry convinces Joe and Owen to accompany him to
Palm Springs for colonoscopies. Some doctor has set up a clinic, the gag
being "combine it with a trip to a desert resort."

Owen is convinced as it's a chance to stop in a steak house that he really
enjoys. Joe is convinced as it's an opportunity for juvenile humor. Why,
it's even the END of the first series of second season shows before hiatus.
Get it?

Actually, Joe thinks it's a good idea as his bookie has cancer, but he lies
to his friends about exactly who he knows who has cancer.

Terry gets a bit jealous when his ex-tv wife and current casual girlfriend
does an afterschool event with another teacher, her ex-boyfriend. He
texts her nonstop, getting angrier and angrier when she doesn't get back
to him.

Joe is still making "bets in his head" with regard to his golf game,
guaranteeing that he'll psych himself out. His practice sessions are poor.
Too bad paying for the private lessons from Tiger Woods' dad isn't going
to happen, which might have made an interesting story arc.

The salesmen are giving Owen grief for cancelling the body shop. Marcus
is furious that Owen won't even buy decent business cards for the salesmen.
(Somehow, if Owen had to pay for proper business cards from his own pocket,
I think it would be affordable.) Owen Sr isn't helping.

On the way to Palm Springs, Terry talks Joe into seeing his dad, threatening
"bad karma" if he doesn't. Nice to see Robert Loggia again, although he
has few lines. His father demonstrates a judo punch using a the end of,
what, the ulna? taught to him by his new girlfriend.

They play a round of golf. Terry flirts with a woman who joins them to
make a foursome.

Uh, Joe takes a cart instead of walking the course. He's trying to qualify
for the senior circuit! He cannot ride. No caddys?

Joe plays a rotten game, and takes tv away from himself.

The hotel has a casino. Will Joe be tempted to gamble for real?

That evening, while the three men are waiting for their laxatives to kick
in, Joe drives them nuts with his demands to watch tv with them, which is
somehow a loophole in his bet. Owen decides to shoot craps.

(Craps! Get it?)

Terry decides to hang out with very horny, young, drunk women coming from
a wedding reception.

Joe decides to watch Terry pick up women.

Owen has a winning streak at craps, and Terry does flirt with a woman
he probably would have picked up, but the laxative kicks in, so we get
the joke about the three of them hurrying back to their bathrooms.

The three of them are told their test results are ok the next morning. Joe
took the test without anaesthetic, so he's feeling rather sore.

After, heading to the steak house for "break fast", Joe tries to talk them
into going elsewhere, but finally admits that he made yet another bet
with himself and lost. Owen won't put up with Joe's idiocy and goes into
the restaurant. There's a long wait to be seated, so he heads to the bar.
Terry isn't going to dinner with Joe, but he puts Owen off to make still
more jealous calls to his casual girlfriend.

Owen sits at the bar, alone, stewing about his father, and picks a fight
with another patron. Terry joins the fight, and then Joe, who uses his
"judo punch" on the guy. Still, the three of them are no match for the guy.
The restaurant throws them out.

Joe knows a great taco stand. (Rockford Files!) Terry and Owen finally
agree that Joe has gotten one right. In a nice scene, Joe confesses that,
yes indeed, the mental bets are an attempt to recreate the rush he misses
from not gambling. Owen tells him to return to his 12-step program. Owen
tells them about what his father did to the dealership's finances and swears
them to secrecy. Terry tells them that his girlfriend isn't calling back.
Owen reminds him, Why should she? It's casual! Terry thinks about it for a
moment and decides that he's in love. With his tv wife! It's Terry, so who
else would he fall in love with?

As the camera pulls away, we see that the taco stand is in front of
a casino, another temptation for Joe. No wonder he knew about it.

Joe speaks the only possible last line to this award-winning script:
Terry, despite the colonoscopy, you're still full of shit.
Is this show coming back or has it been canceled?
It's a little early to hear about renewal. But holding the rest of the
season till Summer quarter means, I guess, that renewal will be based on
the ratings of these six episodes, knowing that they aired during Christmas
holiday. Last year, the show began in December as well, ran through
February. It was off two weeks, but not during Christmas.