Miley Cyrus, Jamie Lynn Spears & Levi Johnston -- are there NO morality clauses

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Minor teen Miley Cyrus -- while still on her 'Hannah Montana' show --
does a pole dance on Teen Choice Awards... accentuate the word

Minor unwed teen Jamie Lynn Spears -- with one last unaired season of
her 'Zoey 101' show -- gets pregnant and has a baby and Nickelodeon
STILL airs the season any way.

Pathetic Kathy Griffin shows up w/ teen Levi Johnston -- who was a
minor unwed teen who got another minor unwed teen (Britsol Palin)
pregnant -- at the Teen Choice Awards.

Look, I am sooooo NOT one one to "blame the media" for the decayed
morals of society, but in this case........


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Pro Strippers Rip Miley Over Amateur Pole Riding

She's got the talent, but the owner of the biggest strip club in
America says Miley Cyrus was missing a little something from her pole-
grinding performance last night ... about 15 months.

Ed Norwick, the owner of SCORES in New York, knocked the 16-year-old's
pole performance on the Teen Choice Awards last night by saying,
"While Miley did show off some skills, we at SCORES cannot encourage
this kind of behavior for women under the legal age."

We hear Miley's routine has already sparked changes in Teen Choice
policy -- we're thinkin' next year's show will have a $20 cover and a
two drink minimum.

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It's pretty sad when someone her age thinks she has to do that
to get attention.