Monday 9/25/06 ratings

TV Arts

from Marc Berman at mediaweek

Prime-Time Monday Ratings: CBS and NBC Share Dominance; Solid Opening
for NBC's Heroes; Lackluster Runaway on the CW 

Note: The following results are based on the fast national ratings
(Live Plus Same Day data). 

Monday 9/25/06 Metered Market Ratings 
CBS 9.3/14 
NBC 9.0/13 
FOX 5.3/8 
ABC 4.7/7 
CW 2.7/4 

-Percent Change From the Comparable Year-Ago Evening (9/26/05):
Fox: +13, NBC: + 1, CBS: - 7, CW*: -31, ABC: -50

*compared to the WB's combination of 7th Heaven and Just Legal


Fast Nationals

-Total Viewers:
CBS: 13.52 million, NBC: 12.85, Fox: 7.36, ABC: 6.39, CW: 3.36

-Adults 18-49: 
NBC: 4.7 rating/12 share, CBS: 4.4/11, ABC and Fox: 2.7/ 7 each, CW:
1.2/ 3 


-Yesterday's Winners:
Deal or No Deal (NBC), Heroes (NBC), Two and a Half Men (CBS), CSI:
Miami (CBS) 

-Respectable Week Two:
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)

-Yesterday's Losers (excluding repeats):
The Class (CBS), Runaway (CW) 


-Ratings Breakdown:
CBS and NBC shared leadership on this second Monday of the 2006-07
season, with CBS first in the overnights and total viewers, and a
revamped NBC No. 1 among adults 18-49. Fox was on the map courtesy of
Prison Break, ABC continues to feel the absence of Monday Night
Football, and the CW was left at the starting gate on its debut

NBC opened the evening on a typically winning note care of Deal or No
Deal, with a healthy 8.3/13 in the overnights, 13.04 million viewers
and a 3.8 rating/11 share among adults 18-49 from 8-9 p.m. CBS,
unfortunately, sprung a leak, with week two of sitcom The Class
dipping to a 5.7/ 9 in the overnights (#3), 8.51 million viewers (#2)
and a 2.8/ 8 among adults 18-49 (#3t) at 8 p.m.. Comparatively, that
was a decline from it's week-ago debut (Overnights: 7.0/11; Viewers:
10.48 million; A18-49: 3.6/10 on Sept. 18) of a noticeable 19 percent
in the overnights, 1.97 million viewers and 22 percent among adults
18-49. Lead-out How I Met Your Mother perked up to a 6.1/ 9 in the
overnights (#2t), 9.53 million viewers (#2) and a 3.5/ 9 among adults

Your Mother out of The Class of 25 percent in the demo. If The Class
fails to make the grade, keep in mind that 13 new episodes of former
time period occupant The King of Queens is waiting in the wings.

As a reminder, total viewers and adults 18-49 from last night are
based on the fast nationals. Any prior results are based on the final

Sticking with the 8 p.m. hour, Fox sleeper Prison Break scored an
adequate 6.0/ 9 in the overnights (#2t), 8.26 million viewers (#3) and
a 3.4/ 9 among adults 18-49 (#2), while the first of two episodes of
ABC's Wife Swap netted a so-so 5.3/ 8 in the overnights (#4), 7.13
million viewers (#4) and a 3.0/ 8 among adults 18-49 (#4). Over at the
CW, the 11th season-premiere of 7th Heaven kicked-off at a
disappointing (and last-place) 3.7/ 6 in the overnights, 4.36 million
viewers and a 1.6/ 4 among adults 18-49. Comparably, last year's
season-opener on the WB (on Sept. 19, 2005) debuted with a 4.9/ 7 in
the overnights, 5.42 million viewers and a 2.0/ 5 among adults 18-49. 

At 9 p.m., the debut of NBC drama Heroes got off to a positive start,
with a 9.9/14 in the overnights (#1 overall), 14.29 million viewers
(#1) and a 5.9/14 among adults 18-49 (#1). Comparably, that built from
lead-in Deal or No Deal by 19 percent in the overnights, 1.25 million
viewers and a whopping 55 percent among adults 18-49. Heroes, in

for the future.

Also premiering at 9 p.m. was CW drama Runaway, which limped out of
the gate with a mere (and, of course, last-place) 1.8/ 3 in the
overnights, 2.35 million viewers and a 0.7/ 2 among adults 18-49.
Comparably, that declined from lead-in 7th Heaven by a considerable 51
percent in the overnights (3.7/ 6 to 1.8/ 3), 2.01 million viewers
(4.36 to 2.35) and 56 percent among adults 18-49 (1.6/ 4 to 0.7/ 2).
Would the CW have been better off leaving Everwood in the time period?

Over at CBS, Two and a Half Men remained in the winner's circle, with
a solid 10.2/15 in the overnights (#1), 15.67 million viewers (#1) and
a 5.0/12 among adults 18-49 (#2). That led into The New Adventures of
Old Christine at a respectable 8.4/12 in the overnights (#1), 12.59

Retention for Old Christine out of Two and a Half Men was 82 percent
in the overnights, 80 percent in both total viewers and among adults
18-49. The bottom line: it could be better, but could be worse. What
did you think of The New Adventures of Old Christine last night?

Another episode of ABC's Wife Swap was third at 9 p.m. with a 5.8/ 8
in the overnights, 7.91 million viewers and a 3.6/ 9 among adults
18-49. Last, but not least, was Fox's Vanished at a fourth-place 4.7/
7 in the overnights, 6.47 million viewers and a 2.1/ 5 among adults
18-49. Retention out of lead-in Prison Break was a so-so 78 percent in
the overnights and total viewers and 62 percent among adults 18-49.
Yes, Fox can do better in the time period.

At 10 p.m., CBS' veteran CSI: Miami remained the dominant force with a
hefty 12.6/20 in the overnights, 17.42 million viewers and a 5.6/15
among adults 18-49. A distant second was week two of NBC's highly
touted Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which lost some steam with an
8.8/14 in the overnights, 11.21 million viewers and a 4.4/12 among
adults 18-49. Comparatively, erosion from week one (Overnights:
10.3/16; Viewers: 13.41 million; A18-49: 5.0/13 on Sept. 18) was
nothing unusual at 15 percent in the overnights, 2.2 million viewers

p.m. could be concerning. The second half of Studio 60 last night
dipped by 10 percent in the overnights (9.3/14 to 8.4/13), 1.12
million viewers (11.77 to 10.65) and 11 percent among adults 18-49
(4.7/12 to 4.2/11).

Also at 10 p.m. was a repeat of ABC drama Men in Trees with a mere
3.1/ 5 in the overnights, 4.13 million viewers and a 1.6/ 4 among
adults 18-49. Will the returning What About Brian do any better?

Source: Nielsen Media Research data
"The Class" is toast - it'll be lucky to last 13 episodes.

Not great, but Fox is in trouble in too many other time periods to worry 
about this one.

Also toast, but it'll last the full season. Wouldn't "Everwood" have been 
able to notch a 3.7?

Sleeper hit of the fall?

NBC will stick with it for a while, since it's so high-profile and they paid 
a lot for it. If it dips below an 8, then "Medium" will be back here and 
"Studio 60" will be off to another time period.
Another website pointed out that it was the night's top show in 18-49s.
Looks like NBC may have found its "Lost."
To drop to a 2.8 demo number in that spot, many viewers must have
decided to purposely avoid the program. Yeah, toast.

Probably not but a significant portion of the "7th Heaven" viewership
falls outside the youth market so it doesn't really matter here.
"Everwood" might have been able to match the demographic numbers.

I don't know if "Everwood" belongs on The CW but clearly the "7th
Heaven" relic does not.

The net buzz must have pushed "Heroes" well beyond where it would have
reached otherwise. It's the first genuine new hit of the season if the
2nd week numbers hold up.

"Studio 60" doesn't have an awful number and NBC still likes the show.
I expect "Studio" to stick around for awhile whether it deserves to or

Everett W.
I don't know why you call it a "sleeper hit."  It got good reviews and 
was expected to do well.  So it's doing well.

Studio 60, OTOH, has *not* lived up to its advance billing.  It's doing 
OK but hasn't proved to be the runaway hit NBC was hoping for.
I hadn't heard anything about "Heroes" prior to watching it and was
pleasantly surprised. I actually found it by accident.  I'll watch it again
next week.

I really wanted to like this. I just find it boring and a little too...I
don't know...pretentious maybe? JMO, of course.

Did you watch the first one?  I think the second one would have been a 
lot better if you'd seen the first one.  As a stand alone, I can see why 
the second ep wouldn' be quite as good.
I saw parts of it. I guess I'll have to go back and watch it again. I don't
know, I guess it was too easy for me to be distracted while watching it. I
found myself doing other things and forgetting about it. I'll give it
another try.

Yeah, it requires watching.  I had the same problem with Smith; I kept 
wandering around and it quickly became incomprehensible.