My Name is Earl marathon heavily edited

TV Arts

There was at least one entire scene and several pieces of dialog edited
out in June 8'th's marathon.

How come?

Will they ever be shown again?
What was missing?

Sorry if my repeated errors came through.

The most obvious omission was in the episode where Earl gave back his
lottery winnings to the man he stole the money from to buy the winning

A couple of Japanese children wearing swim fins were jumping on the bed
in Earl and Randy's motel room yelling, "We're going to swim, swim,
swim!",  because, as Catalina said, ..You didn't pay your rent, so my
manager threw you Out, Out, Out!.

Another was when Earl was removing Joy's practice "hole piercins' "
dropped one of them into a coffee can held by Catalina,  and she asked
him if he had another one like it.  He made a sarcastic remark I don't

Are these things going to restored?
For the DVD, yeah.  But I think that they won't be in the syndicated
version of the episodes.  Likely, the only times they'll be
*broadcast* again in their full 40-minute timeslot forms is whenever
NBC decides to supersize during a rerun week.  Which is possible, just
not likely.

  -- Rob
What first comes to mind was when he was going to dance with the really tall girl. After 
the car ran out of gas, he had to double back after the first house he went to because she 
lived in North XYZ City, while he was in South XYZ City.
That's the episode that originally aired in a 40-minute slot.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking (hence my question elsewhere). I
wasn't home, so I only recorded the one they showed last night that I'd
previously missed (the Y2K one). It's good they showed that, important
Crab Man backstory.

Important?  It didn't fit with what was already established -- why would 
the FBI give him a new moms and sister?  Or, if he's worried about 
cheese why would he risk seeing his real moms and sister?

Maybe something happens in between where he doesn't need to be under 
protection anymore, but still keeps his new name and life?
So, how many real moms does he have?
It's possible there's another flashback coming that will explain things
further. Or maybe they're just messing with us.

I was just pronouncing "mom" like Darnell does.  It's a dialect 
variation that I find cute.

That, or they forgot that they'd told us about his family.  I'm really 
not watching the show for its continuity, that one just seemed pretty 
It could be that he isn't really being protected by the FBI. I don't think they have 
witness protection services just let him off a van and let him make up stuff himself. Or 
if he is really under protection, he's a dupe witness, and is really not needed to be hiding.
That's why I said it was important. There's an obvious disconnect, and
they may address it in the future (I'm sure they got letters and
email). This way *I* will know what's going on, and that's the most
important thing.

It's because that was a special 40-minute episode when it originally