My theory about "Sylar" from Heroes. *Spoilers for ep. 3*

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I believe that Sylar is actually Nathan Petrelli.

The exact moment I suspected this was during the "fight" between Sylar
and Matt.   At the end of the confrontation, Sylar disappears after
LEVITATING to a standing position.  After Matt no longer sees Sylar, he
begins to look up....UP being the only possible manner of escape from
that dead-end hallway.

Now, being a 36 year-old comic geek, I'm fully aware that Sylar
could've teleported, walked through the wall, etc.  However, in spite
of Hiro's time AND space abilities, most of the heroes only have one
power.  My guess is that everything Sylar did was based upon ONE power.
 We already know he has telekinesis, so telekinesis is what he used to
escape.  And the only way he could've done that was to USE HIS

(Flying telekinetics are nothing new to the comics world.  Jean Grey of
the X-Men, and PETER(!!!!!!) Stanchek of the comic "Harbinger" are two

Peter wants to fly, but he can't get it to work.  Perhaps because he
doesn't understand the mechanics.  He keeps thinking it's going to
happen if he falls, but maybe what he should really be trying to do is
concentrate upon lifting himself up, instead.

"But Hob, Sylar is obviously bullet-proof!!!"  Not necessarily.  As I
said before, the show seems to be limiting the number of powers each
person possesses.  I can't see them giving Sylar telekinesis AND
invulnerability AND another power to explain his disappearance.  It's
all TK, Baby!!  In addition to flying, the comics also show that
telekinetics can produce "telekinetic force fields".  Both Jean Grey
and PETER Stanchek have done it before.  If this sounds implausible,
think of it this way:  If you can control the movement of objects, you
can also demand that they stay away (bounce off of) you.


1.  Peter has to be able to do more than just fly.  Flying would be a
really cool power to have, but in terms of TV, it's kind of weak.
Unless he spends seven seasons (yeah, right) rescuing kittens from
trees, being the team's official kidnap victim, and being the first
member of the team to get "taken out of play" during a fight, Peter HAS
to be given more power.  TK would solve this dilemma.

2.  Nathan is desperate to keep his powers a secret.  I know he's
trying to get elected, and he's afraid of the press labeling him a
freak, but maybe he's equally afraid of the police linking him to his
activities as Sylar.  By labeling his brother as suicidal, he has
masterfully robbed Peter of all his credibility.  Who will believe
anything Peter says now?

3.  Nathan comes from a family with a predisposition toward mental

4.  We've never seen Sylar's face.  Why not, unless he's someone we

5.  Comics love the ironic twist of having friends and/or relatives
become bitter enemies.  Examples:  Charles Xavier and Magneto, Reed
Richards and Doctor Doom, Spider-Man and Green Goblin 2 (Harry Osborn),
Banshee and "Black" Tom Cassidy, Terra and the Teen Titans, etc.  The
most famous case is the childhood friendship between Lex Luthor and
Superboy (later, it was "retconned" away in the comies, although the
Smallville TV show decided to use it).   This tendency was even
featured in the movie "Unbreakable".

Imagine this:  "Heroes Season Finale:  The Heroes vs. Sylar in a fight
for the fate of New York.  It's brother vs. brother in a showdown to
the death!  But will their unleashed telekinetic fury cause the very
explosion the Heroes were formed to prevent?  Tune in tonight for the
startling answer!

Yeah......I can picture that.

I'm guessing that Nathan was approached by Mohinder's father, who told
Nathan about his powers.  Nathan had a breakdown and created the
identity of Sylar to separate himself from his freakishness.  Sylar is
murderous because Nathan's psyche demands that Sylar, and his freakish
powers, be something completely separate and different from Nathan.
The penitent writings in Sylar's apartment are due to the periods when
Sylar/Nathan realizes that he is only fooling himself.

My theory also introduces an interesting question:  Maybe Peter can't
fly.  We only have Nathan's word that Peter flew when Nathan
accidentally dropped him.  Also, when Peter was flying, maybe Nathan
was really levitating him.  I hope this isn't the case.  One of the
things I hated most about the Heroes pilot was how Peter appeared to be
powerless, and his brother was the one who had the gift.  It was
depressing.  If Peter can't fly, or isn't telekinetic, I hope he at
least gets SOME kind of power.

One final comment:  I really hope Mohinder's neighbor doesn't turn out
to be evil.  It's just too damn predictable, and such an overused plot

I welcome all civil responses.  Trolls will be ignored, as they should

That's a really strong hypothesis and one that totally makes sense!  I
do detect something "sinister" about Nathan and Adrian Pasdar isn't
there to be just another pretty face. He has to have a bigger role than
what they're portraying since he's had much more television exposure
than most of the cast. You're right, he may prove to be the "Big

As for Peter's flying power, I think it's emotionally-driven and in his
most crucial moment, his powers will come to light, i.e., when he has
to battle his brother or save his new girlfriend from some impending

I'm curious to see how this plays out and I may be the only one, but I
find Hiro to be absolutely ADORABLE and I also love the play on his
name, "Hiro".  :-)

And ditto on the neighbor, I can feel her badness coming on!  *argh!*

Peter's "ability" is _not_ flight/levitation...

He has the ability to take on the abilties of others around him. He
only flew because Nathan can fly. Remember, he also told his mother in
the first episode that he knew something was about to happen before it
happened (father's death, was it?) so he must have been in close
contact with someone who was clairvoyant... probably the artist.

Well, that's what I read in TV Guide, anyway.

So that would make him Marie D'Ancanto aka Rogue.... the cop is Charles 
Xavier.... the Japanese guy is Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler... the serial killer 
is Phoenix/Jean Grey... Peter's bro is Warren Worthington III/Angel... and 
so on, and so on, and so on....
Forgot to add.... the cheerleader would then be Logan because of her healing 
Did they finally name Rogue?  How annoying.
I didn't read all of it.  It's too much to have written about a TV 
show.  I will say this, though.  Everyone is only discovering their 
powers during emotional upheaval or having totally relaxed about it.  
I don't think Peter flew when he jumped off the building.  I think 
his brother did, though.  Peter only "levitated" when he was upset, 
and anecdotally when he wasn't even thinking about it when getting 
out of bet.  

I think it's a very interesting show, but I think they're jumping 
into the sinister thing too quickly.  I would prefer they drew it 
out a lot more.  Maybe they wanted to get as much out as they could 
in case they faced early cancellation.

Mohinder's a hottie.  :)

I like the pace of the show but if anything its a little too measured,
any slower and they run the risk of people turning off.
Well Nathan DID drop Peter when he flew up to catch him. We saw that at
the time and in Peter's hospital falshback. It could be that Nathan
levitated him, but if he could do that, then why did he fly up to get
him in the first place? Why not just levitate him? Did Peter really
land on a fire escape? Maybe Peter's abilities weren't so good and that
was all he couild do (like Kiki's Delivery Service). Maybe Nathan
didn't have time to float/stop him before he would've hit the ground so
he nudged him to the fire esacpe. I think fro what we've seen, it can't
be concluded whether or not Peter can really fly or if Nathan is the
one doing it.

I think it's possible that Nathan is Sylar, but we'll have to wait and
see. If he is, I think he psychotic.

Or maybe they want to give the evil forces a leg up to turn up the
drama. I mean, they want the evil to have a strong presence before the
mutants are well organized or have a good handle on what is happening
to them and what their rolls are.
Given that Pasdar is the biggest name in the series, but not a focal 
character (at least in the first three eps), I'd say that's a good 
guess.  This kind of casting has often been the spoiler for storylines.
Perhaps Peter was out of range, and Nathan's TK only works at close
range.  Maybe his range is so short that he had to wisk up to Peter so
that he didn't pick up so much momentum that Nathan's power would've
been insufficient to brake Peter's fall before he smacked the pavement.

Also, let's not exclude the possibility of crafty writing.  If Nathan
had used telekinesis to stop Peter's fall, we would already know that
Nathan is Sylar.

Did Peter really

I have MAJOR problems with that scene.   In the incredibly brief period
of time it would've taken for Peter to hit the ground, Nathan wisks up
AND OVER and manages to catch Peter.  I just can't buy that.  And
PLEASE no one tell me that that was Nathan's first flight.  I find it
ridiculous that as soon as Peter started to fall, Nathan suddenly
learned he could fly, blasted upward to save his brother, managed to
catch a falling object, and had the presence of mind not to catch Peter
by flying straight up at him.  And how exactly did he know how to

I don't believe that that was Nathan's first flight.  He executed a
complex aerial maneuver, somehow managed to land, and remains
completely unfazed by his power (except when it threatens his
campaign.)  Mark my words, he's already had his "origin".  It was
off-camera, and involved an Indian professor.
I suppose you're right.  TV isn't worth discussing at length.  Such
discussions should be limited to only important matters,
like.........oh, I don't know........


The next time you move into a glass house, darling, would you please be
a dear and have it tinted?  You're frightening the children.    Now put
the black kettle on, and make yourself a nice cup of tea.   :)   :)   :)
I didn't say what you imply.  I didn't make any comment on its 
importance.  Just its relative length.
I dunno, I much prefer to read analysis of tv shows than kinda-rude
comments about other people's (on-topic) posts.  Signal to noise on is decent.  I think we should encourage that.

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